Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Israel Protests: When Benjamin Netanyahu removed the Defense Minister in Israel, the public got angry, people took to the streets against the PM

Jerusalem: Large-scale demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are continuing in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv since Sunday night. Netanyahu has sacked his/her Defense Minister Yoav Galant and since then there is public resentment. They have once again started protesting against the PM. The Defense Minister who was dismissed by Netanyahu was against the reform of the judicial system. People had Israeli flags in their hands and were raising slogans of ‘democracy’. Protesters blocked roads and blocked bridges, including the Aylon Highway.

Defense Minister against the new law
Police and soldiers in Jerusalem also used water cannons against protesters. These protesters were demonstrating near PM Netanyahu’s house. Several demonstrations have already been planned in a week regarding the new proposed law. Under the reform planned by PM Netanyahu, the government will have complete control over the committee that appoints judges. After this, it will be difficult for the court to remove a leader who is not fit for his/her position. Because of this many people have become angry. Many corruption cases are currently going on against PM Netanyahu.
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‘Netanyahu crossed every limit’
After protesting outside Netanyahu’s house, protesters – many waving Israeli flags and banging utensils – were seen. After this, he/she escaped from the police force and reached Israel’s parliament Knesset. A government employee believes that Netanyahu as PM has crossed every limit we have as a democratic country. A government employee involved in the protest said, ‘We are protecting the last part of our democracy and I cannot sleep like this. We have to stop this madness and only then we will be able to do something.

Who is Yoav Gallant
Yoav Gallant is a former soldier and for the past several weeks he/she has been talking to people who are unhappy with the proposed law. In early March, Israeli Air Force fighter pilots vowed not to attend training. This protest was considered an extraordinary step. Later, in a conversation with his/her commanders, he/she had expressed his/her willingness to join the training.

Gallant had given his/her opinion against the law on Saturday. he/she had said that the members of the Israeli Forces are very angry with this proposed law. Gallant said this in a TV program. At the time Gallant appeared on the TV show, Netanyahu was out of the country. Netanyahu says that he/she no longer trusts Gallant as Defense Minister. PM Netanyahu aims to get the new law passed in Parliament by the end of this week.

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