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ISIS-K Chief: Who is Shahab al-Muhajir, the head of the group that terrorized Kabul


  • The command of Islamic State-Khorasan is in the hands of Shahab al-Muhajir from 2020
  • Before IS-K, worked for Al-Qaeda and Haqqani network
  • UN report called ‘chief planner’ of Kabul and other attacks

Till now the tension in Afghanistan was between Taliban and soldiers, whether they were foreign soldiers or Afghans. However, the peaceful withdrawal of American troops continued after an agreement and the Taliban’s full attention was also on the formation of their government and new rules and regulations for the people. People were trying to flee the country due to the fear of the returning Taliban regime. In the midst of all this is the entry of a third party that targets civilians, American soldiers and Taliban fighters in a powerful and extremely deadly suicide attack.

Pakistani citizen was the first chief
The name of this third party is ISIS-Khorasan, which is the Afghan branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State and its chief Shahab al-Muhajir is believed to be responsible for the attack on Kabul airport. When this group started in Afghanistan, Pakistani national Saeed Khan was its chief. Hafiz Saeed Khan’s deputy within the organization was a former Talib called Abdul Rauf Aliza. In response to attacks in Afghanistan, the US carried out airstrikes to kill Aliza in 2015 and Hafiz Saeed Khan in 2016.

In the hands of Shahab al-Muhajir
At present, the head of IS-K is Shahab al-Muhajir. In the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the term ‘Muhajir’ is commonly used to refer to those who migrated to Pakistan after the partition of the country in 1947. Although Shahab al-Muhajir has nothing to do with India. Shahab is an Arab and is the first IS-K leader from outside South Asia. Prior to that he worked for al-Qaeda and was a mid-level commander in the Haqqani network.

‘Governor’ made in 2020
In 2020 the Islamic State’s senior leadership appointed al-Muhajir as its wali or governor for the region in June 2020. Al-Muhajir is considered an ‘effective leader’ of the group. A team of experts working for the United Nations Security Council released a report last June. It said al-Muhajir acted as Islamic State’s ‘cheaf planner’ for high-profile attacks in Kabul and other urban areas.

large army of fighters
IS-K leader Shahab al-Muhajir alias Sanaullah al-Sadiq has a large army of fighters. This entices the Taliban and other terrorists. Shahab al-Muhajir was given command of the group in the region only last year, after which there were also fears of worsening of the situation in Afghanistan. Islamic State Khorasan carried out a suicide attack on Kabul airport on Thursday, killing 13 American soldiers and more than 170 civilians.

The Taliban claims that 28 of its fighters were also killed in this. On Saturday, the US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, confirmed air strikes in Nangar province. It was claimed that the main conspirator has been killed in the drone attack. However, the name of the person killed is not clear yet. It is also not clear whether Shahab al-Muhajir is alive or not.


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