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Is Your Area Ready for 5G? Check with these steps


Your area is for 5G...- India TV Hindi News
Photo: CANVA Is Your Area Ready for 5G?

Telecom companies have started 5G service in 13 states of the country. At present, Airtel customers are also taking advantage of this in 8 different cities. In the area where this service has been started, people are able to use 5G very easily. To use this service, you only need to have a 5G smart phone. Even though it has started in many states of the country, but even today many people are not able to take advantage of this service.

In such a situation, the question arises that how to find out in which area 5G service can be used or not. To check this, Airtel users can take the help of Thanks app.

this is the easiest way

It is very easy to check whether 5G enabled smartphone users can use this service in their area. There is no need to download any separate app for this. First of all, go to the setting of the smartphone and turn on the data service. After it is turned on, if you see the facility of 5G, then understand that this service has started in your area. Apart from this, if you go to the settings of the smartphone and select 5G service instead of 4G, you can check it.

Airtel users check like this

Users using Airtel service can very easily check whether this service has started in their area or not. For this, download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. Apart from this, you can also check this service from PC or laptop. With the help of supported tools released by Airtel, many people have taken information about this service so far.

Follow these steps to check with Airtel Thanks app

1. First of all open this app in the smartphone.

2. After this, after turning on the location, give permission.

3. Now click on check if your phone is 5G enabled.

4. After clicking, wait for some time.

5. As soon as the process of testing starts, if green color appears on 5G handset, 5G Software, 5G Device setting, then understand that you can use this service in your area.

Currently this service is not available in all areas

Let us tell you that even though 5G service has been started in many cities of the country, it is still not available in some places. If you are going to buy a 5G smartphone, then first of all get information related to 5G in your area. If suddenly 4G logo appears while using 5G service then there is no need to panic. Actually, due to the network and moving to different areas, it keeps on changing.

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