Friday, March 24th, 2023

Is the public so happy under the rule of ‘eccentric dictator’? North Korea’s 11-year-old girl said – everything is fine here!

Pyongyang : A propaganda video is being spread by North Korea in which an 11-year-old girl is seen. In the video, the girl is saying that ‘all is well’ despite the news of the corona virus outbreak. The girl told that her name is ‘Song-a’, she is a fan of Harry Potter and learned English from her mother. ‘Everything is under control as before and all is well,’ she says.

In the video, the girl says, ‘Pyongyang, where I live, is a very beautiful and wonderful city. Have you ever been to Pyongyang? You will be completely shocked if you come here because there are amusement parks everywhere and countless things where kids can play. Song-a said in broken English, ‘The capital’s parks are so fun that even adults want to visit them.’ In another video, she praises North Korea’s health system.
North Korea News: Intestinal disease spread after corona in North Korea, more dangerous than typhoid-dysentery and cholera
Happy citizen or actor?
The girl narrates how when she was sick and her body temperature was 39 degrees, the military doctor had brought medicine for her. He said, ‘At that time my mother and I were just crying like children… After that time those doctors became like my brothers.’ He claimed that friends, neighbors and local shopkeepers had brought fruits and vegetables for him. It is not yet confirmed whether Song-a is a happy North Korean citizen living happily under Kim Jong Un’s regime or an actor working for the country’s propaganda ministry.

Millions of cases but claim victory over Corona
North Korea acknowledged the corona virus outbreak only a few weeks ago. For two years, the country continued to claim zero-covid cases. In a country with no vaccine and poor health system, cases reached lakhs overnight. But only after a few days, news is coming that Kim Jong Un is preparing to declare victory over Corona.

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