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Is the political reconciliation between Gehlot and Pilot permanent? Know what was the formula of the agreement

In Rajasthan, the party high command has made an agreement between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. Before the assembly elections, the Congress has tried to give the message that the party is united. It is also being claimed by the party that many demands of Sachin Pilot have been accepted by the party.


  • After months, Sachin Pilot appeared soft towards Ashok Gehlot
  • The party said that many things of Sachin Pilot have been accepted
  • Rajasthan elections will be fought on the name and face of Gehlot
New Delhi : Is everything alright in Rajasthan Congress now? Is the political ceasefire between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot permanent? On what terms was the long dispute between the two leaders put to an end? These questions arose when once again Congress has given the message of collective leadership in Rajasthan and after months Sachin Pilot appeared soft towards Ashok Gehlot. The party claimed that many things of Sachin Pilot have been accepted. The party hopes from Ashok Gehlot that he/she will end the custom of changing the rule in five years this time.

What’s the formula?

Under the formula of the agreement between Pilot and Gehlot, not only will the assembly elections be held on the leadership and face of Ashok Gehlot, but his/her governance model will make the party the X factor in the elections. The party feels that after the way things have been done by Ashok Gehlot on the ground in the last one year, now they are an option as well as a compulsion. They have made the election completely for or against Gehlot. However, the anti-incumbency wave against several MLAs on the ground is still a cause of concern for the party. This can be reduced by fielding new candidates on many seats. According to the internal feedback and survey received by the party, any attempt to weaken Ashok Gehlot can be a big loss. This is the reason that not only did Ashok Gehlot remain the CM, but in all the appointments made within the party in the state, only Gehlot did.

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Gehlot turned around like this

During the election of Congress President last year, when Ashok Gehlot suddenly withdrew from the claim, an uncomfortable situation was created. At that time it was believed that he/she took such a step against the wishes of the Gandhi family. The formula was made between Gehlot-Sachin Pilot that Gehlot would become the Congress President and Sachin would be responsible for Rajasthan. However, Gehlot argued that if a CM is elected against the choice of the MLAs, it will cause a big loss to the party. When the party also talked to the MLAs, the matter of supporting Gehlot came up. After this Gehlot was successful in retaining his/her chair. After this, the way he/she aggressively toured the state this year with inflation relief camps and other welfare schemes, also went in his/her favor.
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What will happen to the pilot?

Did the party ignore Sachin Pilot in the compromise formula? According to party sources, it is not so. The central leadership believes that Pilot is the future face of the party. Also, the way he/she remained in the party despite all the opposition in the recent past also went in his/her favor. In the last few years, Sachin Pilot has become the star campaigner of the party across the country and has become the leader of the party who has done most rallies outside Rajasthan after Rahul Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi. It is certain that after the ceasefire with Gehlot, he/she can definitely get a new role. Under this, apart from the post of General Secretary in the party, one can also get a big responsibility at the national level in the 2024 general elections. The party feels that if Ashok Gehlot is kept in the loop, he/she may also give himself a chance to create better opportunities for Sachin Pilot.
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biggest question

However, still the picture after the political ceasefire is not clear. It was just decided that the Rajasthan elections would be fought on the name and face of Gehlot. Such efforts were made in the past as well but they could not remain permanent. However, this time Sachin Pilot also showed a soft stance for a few days, while Gehlot is also in full election mode. he/she is in no mood to take any risk. Will have to wait a few days to know how strong the reconciliation is.

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