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Is the entire eye removed when donating an eye? Know the truth of 6 lies related to eye donation

Eyes are a precious part of the body. If someone does not have eyes, he is neither able to see the unique things created by nature nor is he able to enjoy their beauty. For this reason, every person should take a pledge to donate eyes after death. Eye donation is a noble and selfless act, with many myths and misconceptions associated with it.

To dispel these myths and misconceptions and make people aware about the importance of eye donation, we celebrate National Eye Donation Fortnight every year from 25th August to 8th September. There are many myths related to eye donation, some of which are about the following: Director of Cornea Services and Eye Bank, Dr. Manisha Acharya and Charity Eye Hospital, Daryaganj, Dr. Shroffs Has given correct information. So if you are thinking about eye donation, then first erase these wrong things from your mind… (Photo courtesy: pixabay)

Myth 1: An eye donor can only give sight to a blind person.

Truth: This is not true. A person donating one eye can save two blind people from corneal blindness. Apart from this, depending on the affected layer of the cornea, some specific layers can be transplanted instead of the entire cornea. Through this modern technology, a person can help up to four blind people regain vision by donating both their corneas.

Myth 2: Donating eyes can cause disfigurement.


Truth: Modern eye donation procedures do not require removal of the entire eyeball. Only the middle transparent layer, the cornea, and its surrounding white area (sclera) are removed. This greatly reduces bleeding and discomfort. By certified technicians or doctors 20 minutes time to do this process Seems like There is no change of any kind in the eyes after eye donation.
(Photo courtesy: pixabay)

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Myth 3: Eye donation is against religious beliefs.


Truth: Any Religion does not oppose eye donation Is. All religions encourage service and compassion towards people. Eye donation is in accordance with these principles and is accepted by all religions. This is a great and generous work, which is accepted by the whole world. (Photo courtesy: pixabay)

Myth 4: All types of blindness can be cured by eye donation.

Eye Donation 1

Truth: In the process of eye donation, mainly the outer transparent layer of the eye i.e. cornea is transplanted. Therefore only people suffering from corneal blindness can get their vision back through it. Other problems, such as retinal disease or glaucoma, require separate treatments and cannot be cured by eye donation.

Myth 5: If I have filled the eye donation pledge form, my name will automatically appear in the list of eye donors.


Truth: Merely filling the resolution form does not make one’s name included in the list of eye donors. Eye donation can be done only after the death of the person with the written consent of the family. Therefore, it is important to inform your family members about your decision to donate eyes. (Photo courtesy: pixabay)

Myth 6: Eye donation can be done any time after death.

Eye Donation

Truth: Eye donation after death of the person depending on the outside temperature This should be done within 8 to 12 hours. Some general measures can be taken to help this process. First close the wings, then place a wet white cloth over the closed eyes, raise the head slightly, and immediately call the local helpline 1919 or the eye bank helpline number 9650300333 of Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital.

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By dispelling the myths related to eye donation and sharing correct information about eye donation, more and more people can be encouraged to donate eyes, and help in bringing a meaningful change in the lives of people suffering from corneal blindness. Your decision today could bring light to someone else’s world tomorrow.

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