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Is sitting on the floor beneficial for health, know the opinion of experts

Benefits of Sitting On The Floor: Amidst the ever-changing lifestyle and changing times, many old traditions have been left behind.  One of them is the practice of eating food while sitting on the ground. Those who work sitting on the ground must be able to feel that the comfort of working sitting down is different. In earlier times, our grandmothers used to eat food while sitting on the ground. Let us tell you that sitting on the ground gives countless benefits to the body. We are not saying this, but many studies and research have proved this. Ayurveda also advocates working while sitting on the floor. So let us tell you what are the benefits of sitting on the ground. 
Benefits of sitting on the ground 
Digestion improves 
 Sukhasana, a yoga pose in which one sits cross-legged on the floor, helps improve digestion. When we keep our plate on the ground to eat food, we have to move our body slightly forward to eat and then we come back to our original position.  By moving the body repeatedly, there is stimulation of the muscles of the stomach, which increases the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach, due to which the food starts getting digested better.


Spinal cord gets strength 
According to health experts, if you want to keep the spine healthy, then you should sit on the ground. By doing this you sit stable and there is no pressure on your spine. Sitting on the ground also improves the formation of your spine.
Sitting on the floor relaxes the mind 
 Padmasana and Sukhasana are ideal postures for meditation. These asanas help in removing stress from the mind. It is believed that sitting in these postures can increase the flow of oxygen in the body.
Sitting on the floor increases flexibility 
 When you sit on the floor, the muscles of the lower half of your body are stretched, which increases the flexibility of your body and gives strength to your legs. Sitting stretches the hips, legs and spine, promoting natural flexibility in the body.

Hip muscles are strong 

Weaker hips affect your stability and balance. If your hip is weak then sit more on the ground. Sitting on the floor will strengthen your hip muscles and strengthen your core.
longevity is better 
The ability to ‘get up and sit’ off the floor improves longevity. It also stabilizes your overall movement.
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