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Is it right or wrong to heat breast milk in the microwave, know what is the better way

Breast milk is very important in the first few months after birth. It is not possible for working women to feed the child when he is hungry all the time. That’s why they store breast milk so that if needed, someone else can feed breast milk to the child.

It is right to store breast milk at a cold temperature, but cold milk cannot be given to the baby. Breast milk stored in the refrigerator has to be given lukewarm only. In such a situation, many people heat breast milk inside the microwave and feed it. But do you know that heating breast milk in the microwave is safe to feed to baby?

what to do

Feeding lukewarm breast milk provides many benefits to the baby. It contains a variety of probiotics and is more nutritious than cold milk. Therefore, it is good to give breast milk by heating it.

Breast milk is different from cow or any other milk and more attention has to be paid in its care. If you want to feed the breast milk stored in the refrigerator by heating it in the microwave, then do not do it at all.

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nutrition will run out

Heating breast milk in the microwave destroys the nutrients present in it. Same goes with formula milk. Therefore, it is better that you do not give breast milk to the baby by heating it in the microwave in the first few months.

Heating milk in the microwave also kills or destroys its antibodies. Due to this, the child will drink milk, but he will not be able to get the nutrients from mother’s milk.

How to make it hot by taking it out of the fridge

Take out the breast milk from the fridge. Now heat water in a vessel and place a bottle of breast milk in it. The milk should be in an airtight bottle for heating.

Leave the milk in it for one to two minutes. Now put the milk in the bottle and give it to the baby by putting a nipple on it.

Before giving a bottle of milk to the baby, definitely check how hot the milk is.

What does the study say

National Center for Biotechnology Information ie NCBI According to a research published in the study, the immunoglobulin activities of milk remain balanced till the temperature of milk reaches 60 to 65 °C. After 77 ° C, it completely ends.

Heating milk at high temperature does not change the amount of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in it.

no end nutrition

No changes in immunoglobulins and nutrients have been observed in the microwave or by heating the breast milk with gas or any other method.

According to this study, heating breast milk in the microwave does not destroy its nutrients and immunoglobulins, but it should be heated to a temperature below 60 °C level.

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