Sunday, June 4th, 2023

IRCTC gave this amazing offer to visit Rajasthan, Railways will bear the entire cost for 3 days


With the changing seasons, if you also want to freshen up your mood, then the best plan to visit Rajasthan is to visit Rajasthan. There are two reasons for this. First Rajasthan is a colorful state in itself and second IRCTC is giving you a chance to visit here yourself. Yes, IRCTC has come up with a bumper offer for its customers. Recently it has launched a tour package, under which you will be able to visit Udaipur city for 3 days. The package will be for 3 days and 2 nights. In this, hotel stay and food will also be part of the package. Let us tell you that Udaipur is a beautiful city, which is also known as the city of lakes. In the monsoon season, the royal palace and natural beauty of this place are made on sight. If you want to visit Udaipur in a low budget, then do not miss this opportunity. So let us tell you how you can take advantage of this package.

Visit Udaipur at the cost of Rs 5380


This tour package of IRCTC is starting from 3rd September. This package is divided into three categories. Standard, Deluxe and Luxury. The package is starting from Rs 5380. The accommodation, food and travel facilities in the package will be provided by IRCTC. Note down the code for this cheap Udaipur City package.

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First day plan

One important thing you should know. That is, you will have to go to Udaipur by your own means. After this the team will receive you from there and take you to Saheliyan Ki Bari, City Palace and Fatehsagar Lake. You can enjoy boat riding in the lake. After this, arrangements will be made for your stay at the hotel.

There are some places around Kasol where there is adventure and beauty too, instead of stopping somewhere, reach here directly.

Second day plan

Next day the team will take you to Eklingji Temple, Haldi Ghati and Nathdwara after you have breakfast. After covering these places you will come back to the hotel.

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3rd day plan

On the last day of the journey, the Kumbhalgarh fort will be shown after breakfast in the morning. After this the team will drop you back at the railway station, bus stand or airport.


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