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Iran Israel Tension: Iran’s drone targets Israeli ship near Mumbai, Arabian Sea becomes new arena of war

Tehran: The Arabian Sea is now becoming a new battleground between Iran and Israel. If a report in the Jerusalem Post is to be believed, on February 10, an unidentified object collided with a ship while it was passing through the Indian Ocean. The ship was about 555 km from the coasts of India and Oman. The detailed information about this incident could be obtained only after a week i.e. on 17th February. For the first time, a report was given by BBC and it was told that Iran’s drone has targeted the Campo Square commercial ship. This was also confirmed by an American military officer. Another military source said that Iran had carried out the attack.

Iran’s brain behind the attack!

Al-Monitor has said that at least one Iranian drone has targeted this ship belonging to Israel. It was a shipping tanker that was present in the Arabian Sea and had come via the Indian Ocean. The ship suffered minor damage in the attack. The US believes that Iran was behind the attack. The place from where the drone came and its tracking data all point towards Iran. But it is not yet clear from where it was launched or what kind of drone it was. The ship which was targeted was not loaded with goods. The ship was on its way from Singapore to Fujairah in the UAE. The ship and its crew are completely safe in the attack.
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infrequent attacks

A similar attack took place on 15 November 2022 on Pacific Zircon. The drone used in this attack was launched from Chabahar. Pictures of the drone were also released by CNN. American and Israeli officials blamed Iran for this. It was found from the debris of the drone that the number 229 was written on one side of it. This was the same Shahid drone used by Russia in the ongoing war with Ukraine. In July 2021, the Mercer Street tanker was also targeted by a drone off the coast of Oman. The British and Romanian crew were killed in this attack.
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close to Iran silent
Whatever attacks are taking place in this area, they are being carried out by following a pattern. In 2021, the first Helios Ray ship was targeted in February, followed by Hyperion Ray in April and then Lori. There was also an attack on CSAV Tyndall in early July 2021. These attacks were carried out after the attacks in July 2019. At that time four ships were attacked in Fujairah in May 2019 and then two ships in June. These attacks took place when these ships were passing through Iran. The attack on the ship took place at a time when Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi is on a visit to China. he/she is going to discuss regional issues on this tour. The regional media close to Iran is also silent on this.

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Is Iran testing the capability of drones
Iran has been harassing ships passing through the region off the coast of the UAE for years. The attacks began in 2019 during tensions between the US and Iran. Now due to these attacks, tension has increased with Israel as well. At the same time, it seems that Iran is testing the capability of its drones with the help of these attacks. Earlier, he/she used to target ships with the help of mines under the sea. According to experts, as long as drones do not harm ships or crew, there is nothing to worry about. But even after this it is very important to keep an eye on Iran.

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