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IPL playoffs: By how many runs will RCB have to win in the do or die match with CSK? Or how many overs.. what does the equation say?

New Delhi. Royal Challengers Bangalore kept their playoff hopes alive by defeating Delhi Capitals. Now Bengaluru (RCB) has only one match left in the league stage. His match will be against Chennai Super Kings on Saturday. As soon as RCB defeated Delhi Capitals, talks started about their match with CSK. Especially one question that RCB fans want to know is how big a win their team needs to play in the playoffs.

The answer of RCB fans is that if there is a do or die match between RCB and CSK, then Virat’s team will have to win by 18 runs. But this is not an equation that can be stated in just one line. There are 5 more matches to be played in IPL before this match. Only the results of these matches will decide whether the match between RCB and CSK is important in the race for the playoffs or not.

Before knowing the equation of IPL playoff, let us know the position of the points table. Currently Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals are at first and second position with 18 points and 16 points. After this, Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad are at third and fourth position with 14 points each. After this, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants have 12 points each and these teams are at fifth, sixth and seventh position respectively. Gujarat Titans (10), Mumbai Indians (8) and Punjab Kings (8) are in the last three places.

According to the equations formed in the current position of the points table, the teams of Chennai, Hyderabad and Lucknow can still reach 16 points. By the time the teams of Bengaluru and Chennai face each other on May 18, the equation of the points table will have changed a lot. It is possible that by then Lucknow team can reach 16 points by winning both its matches. There are many more such equations…

Suppose the match between RCB and Chennai Super Kings decides which will be the fourth team of the playoffs. If this happens, the path to Chennai will be relatively easy. It can reach the playoffs even by winning by one run. If ACB wants to make it to the playoffs, it will have to beat CSK by at least 18 runs (if RCB scores 200 runs). If RCB team bats later then it will have to achieve the target in 18.1 overs. By the time RCB and CSK compete, Lucknow Supergiants would have played both their matches. This will make it clear to RCB how much hope they have of going to the playoffs.

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