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Multi Asset Fund invests in equity in the range of 10-80%.
Apart from this, he/she invests 10-35% in debt, 10-35% in gold.
This fund not only gives returns but also strengthens the portfolio.

Mumbai. As an investor many times we think that how great it would be if the hassle of choosing different types of mutual funds ends and we get the benefits of investing in only one type of mutual fund. The truth is that now this idea is also becoming the need of the present situation. The way the world is right now, every investor needs such an option which can give tremendous returns despite the risk involved.

S Naren, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of ICICI Prudential, says that in the current era, every investor is struggling with inflation, high interest rates, low liquidity, high volatility and geo-political concerns. In such a situation, it has become necessary to take your investment to a multi-asset approach. The easiest way for an investor to get exposure to all these asset classes is through a multi-asset fund which invests in three or more asset classes through a single category in a single fund.

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How to invest in Multi Asset Fund
As the name suggests, this fund simultaneously invests in debt, equity, gold and alternative options. That is, profit does not depend on a single asset. ICICI Prudential Multi Asset Fund invests 10-80% in Equity, 10-35% in Debt, 10-35% in Gold and 0-10% in alternate options like REITs and InvITs. This strategy of investing in multiple asset classes aims for capital appreciation from equity, stability and good returns from debt, inflation protection from gold and yield enhancement from REITs and InvITs.

who gave the highest returns
If compared to the returns of the benchmark, ICICI Prudential’s Multi Asset Fund has given much higher returns. If you look at the returns of the last one year, the benchmark of this class has given a return of only 4.2 per cent, while ICICI Prudential’s Multi Asset Fund has given a return of 11.3 per cent. It is also 6.5% ahead of other fund houses. Not only this, on three and five year basis also this fund has given strong returns of 20.5% and 12.4% respectively.

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2 crore fund can be made through SIP
If we look at the data of Value Research till January 31, 2023, ICICI Prudential’s Multi Asset Fund was launched in the year 2002 and since then its NAV has increased by about 48 times. If an investor had started an SIP of Rs 10,000 in this from the very beginning, the total investment would have been Rs 24.4 lakhs, but with the returns, this fund would have increased to Rs 1.9 crores. The special thing is that this scheme has never given negative returns in the period of 5 and 10 years, which means that the profit made from it has been higher than the inflation rate.

portfolio is also strong
This fund not only gives returns but also strengthens the portfolio as it invests in equity only in large, mid and small cap companies. Apart from this, this scheme also invests your money in commodities like oil, gold, silver to beat inflation. Right now this scheme has invested more money in equity, because the economy is picking up. If the allocation is seen, 66.8% is in equity, 29.3% in debt, 3.1% in gold and 0.8% in REITs and InvITs. The top four sectors in the portfolio include banks, power, auto and software.

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Who gave the highest return in a year
If we look at the one year returns of multi asset funds of all the fund houses, ICICI Prudential has given 11.3 per cent, HDFC Multi Asset 4.9 per cent and Nippon India Multi Asset 4.8 per cent. Apart from this, SBI Multi Asset has given 4.2 per cent, Tata Multi Asset 4.2 per cent, UTI Multi Asset 3.0 per cent and Axis Triple Advantage -6.2 per cent.

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