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Internet speed will increase, but 5G service will also bother the user in these 4 ways

Photo: CANVA 5G service will also harass the user in these 4 ways

5G service: Internet’s 5G service has become available for the users in all the cities of the country. In most of the cities, the user is getting 5G service on the network of Jio and Airtel. Many users are happy with this 5G service launched last year, but like two sides of the coin, there can be some advantages and some disadvantages of 5G service. Let us tell you some such reasons of 5G today, which can also become the cause of user’s problems.

Problems caused by 5G service

1. The biggest reason for not activating 5G service in the phone is the fast internet speed. After switching the device to 5G service, the internet speed becomes almost 10 times faster than 4G speed. As a result, your internet pack gets exhausted very soon. If you are not watching high resolution video on a big screen then it is a waste of internet data. Your data pack will be spent very fast in this service. As a result, you will have to spend more money on your monthly pack.

2. Some users have 5G compatible smartphones, but still they are not able to take advantage of 5G service. In this case, telecom companies are saying that their phone does not support 5G service. To solve this problem, these companies need to fix the bug.

3. iPhone users are claiming that their phone’s battery is draining faster after switching the device to 5G service. This problem of battery in the phone is happening because of the network. When the phone’s signal strength is low, the transmitter in the device takes the signal to a higher level, which consumes the phone’s battery faster. These people have also put forward the problem related to Twitter.

4. Users active on Twitter or other social network platforms are experiencing call drop issues after the 5G service is rolled out. Some users say that it is difficult to talk on the phone due to call drops. The phone does not work even after trying again and again. Many times the call gets dropped in between while talking.

Some Twitter users say that they are experiencing slow network issues after switching their smartphones to 5G networks.

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