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International Beer Day: Bet you don’t know what is ‘dark beer’, you will go out to buy directly after hearing the benefits

It is said that everyone’s day comes, just like today is the day of alcohol i.e. ‘Beer Day’. On 6 August, people all over the world celebrate International Beer Day. By the way, drinkers do not wait for Beer Day, because they enhance the beauty of their celebration and take sips of it every day. Where some people include beer in their function, some drink a cup of beer to remove the fatigue of the whole day’s work. Beer has been with humans for thousands of years and today we are here to share with you some things about beer and darkness.

Why is beer day celebrated?

Experts believe that if you take beer in a limited quantity, then it gives many health benefits to our health and this is the reason why this mine was formed. There are many benefits of its consumption which we are mentioning here.

Consuming a limited amount of beer keeps energy.

The problem of insomnia goes away.

Beer can reduce the risk of cancer.

Beer is said to be beneficial for hair.

Beer is also a source of B vitamins.

Drinking beer makes the skin glow.

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When did beer day start?

Beer Day started with a local event in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Earlier this special was celebrated only in that place but now it started being celebrated in other countries. According to the information, this day is celebrated in about 207 cities, 6 continents and 50 countries.

Let us tell you that earlier this special day was celebrated on 5th August but in 2012 there was discussion about changing its date and it was fixed on 6th August. After this, it was announced to celebrate International Beer Day on 6th August.

Dark beer is a better option for drinking

If you are still a newbie to beer and are looking to find the right kind of wine for you, then dark beer could be the right choice. It would be right to choose dark beer instead of light beer, which you can call the winner of Beer Bar. People also like the taste of dark beer and it is very strong. Not only this, there are many health benefits associated with dark beer.

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Nutrient-rich dark beer has so many benefits

  • Dark beer may be good for your heart health. This delicious drink is rich in flavonoids which are essential nutrients for our body.
  • Dark beer exhibits powerful antioxidant effects.
  • Dark beer is high in iron, which is good for your blood hemoglobin
  • Dark beer is that kind of drink you can take as medicine apart from party.
  • A glass of dark beer can be taken before a meal or even after drinking it is not so bad for health.
  • The ingredients of dark beer are more roasted than the rest but the taste is wonderful. Being more roasted increases its taste.
  • While drinking any kind of beer can be beneficial for your health, you also need to keep an eye on its quantity.

how many types of beer

There are many types of beer. These include ale, malt, lager, stout, amber, blond, wheat, brown, dark and strong beer. All these types of beers are prepared differently. All beers have both advantages and disadvantages. So whenever you drink, keep its quantity in mind.


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