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Instead of forcefully feeding the child, if you feed it with love, then the whole plate will be finished.

Some children are very reluctant to eat. They decide whether they want to eat it or not just by looking at the colour, smell and texture of the food. Such children are called picky eaters. These children eat very few types of foods and often refuse to eat new things. They eat only one thing of their choice for the whole week. Feeding such children and that too nutritious food, becomes a very difficult task for the mother. If feeding your baby is no less than a battle for you too, then some of the tips mentioned here can help you in this task.

let baby play

In an article published in The Times of India, Dr Isha Soni, Senior Occupational Therapist, Co-Founder and Head, Lexicon Rainbow Therapy and Child Development Centre, says that it is important for children to explore different foods and get to know their smells as well. Should be Let the child explore food with his hands. When the child finds food of different textures comfortable, then only he will start eating them. Kitchen items like dry flour, wheat, rice, corn kernels, chickpea batter, flour and soaked chia seeds are some of the options that can be given to the child for sensory play.

give in moderation

If you want to give different varieties of food to the child, then reduce its quantity. Do not give any new food bowl to the child. The child will refuse to eat it for sure. First feed him only one or two spoons. For a baby to accept a new food, it should be fed at least 6-7 times within 2-3 weeks.

feeding therapy

If your child is a very picky eater, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies. You should seek the help of feeding therapy and a certified speech therapist. If the child is not able to chew food properly, is swallowing food with water and is not using straws, glasses, sippy cups, then you should seek professional help.

feed according to age

After an in-depth analysis of the feeding history and details of the parents, it was found that many picky eaters are still taking more than adequate amounts of milk or solid food in their diet. On the other hand, the hunger of some children is being satisfied with finger foods. If all this is not done then the child will feel hungry and he himself will ask for food at mealtime. In such a situation, the child reduces his reluctance.

don’t let it become behavior

Parents should keep in mind that feeding the child is not a battle for them. Many times the parents start punishing the child for not eating or give some greed. Sometimes, these kinds of things can turn into behavioral problems in the child, where the child does anything for the sake of reward or greed.

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