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India’s number i.e. BH series will start from September 15, know how the format will be

LIC’s Best Plans 2021

LIC’s Best Plans 2021


  • Union Road Transport Ministry has released new series BH Mark
  • The number of the vehicle will not change on changing the state, relief from repeated registration
  • These rules will be applicable from September 15, the ministry also fixed the registration fee

New Delhi
The Central Government has decided to issue new BH Mark Bharat Series numbers separately from the states. After taking the number of this series, after moving from one state to another, now you will get relief from the hassle of re-registration of your vehicle there. These rules of the ministry will come into effect from September 15. The rules and fees for its registration have also been fixed.

This will be the format of the new BH series
The format of BH registration has been kept as YY BH 4144 XX YY. In this, BH first denotes the year of registration, then Bharat Series Code 4-0000 to 9999 (Random) XX-characters (AA to ZZ).

2% less tax on e-vehicles
According to the notification, if a person registers his vehicle worth less than 10 lakhs under the BH series, then he will have to pay motor vehicle tax of 8 percent. 10 per cent tax will have to be paid on a vehicle of 10 to 20 lakhs, 12 per cent tax will have to be paid on the car above 20 lakhs. If it is a diesel vehicle then 2% extra tax will have to be paid. On the other hand, if your vehicle is electrical, then 2 percent less tax will be applicable.

DL, HR, UP…. and now the vehicle’s BH is India’s number, know everything
BH mark in black on white plate
Employees of central, state, public sector companies as well as such private companies whose offices are in 4 or more states of the country, those employees will also be able to register their vehicle under this series. For central and state employees, this registration will be on a voluntary basis. The BH mark will be written in black on the white number plate of the vehicle. The Central Motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment) Rules, 2021 have been kept for this new rule.

Till now this was the rule
Now, when an employee moves to another state, after a year, he had to transfer his vehicle on the basis of the series of that state. That is, by going to another state, people could drive on the basis of old registration only for 1 year. But now this mess will end with the new rules and series.



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  1. today is 15 sep. where is bh series format and why its not started till now. why they announce date without future availability?

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