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India’s last shop falls at this place, from where the path to heaven goes

How many of you are there, who are addicted to tea beyond limits? That means tea when you wake up, tea when you go to sleep, tea when you have a headache, tea when you are on a trip outside! There is no answer to the tea available while traveling. But did you know, apart from tea being found in every nook and corner of the country, there is also a place known as the last tea stall.
Yes, there is Mana village in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the village here is just a short distance from the border of India and China. There is also a small tea shop in this village situated at an altitude of 11 thousand feet above sea level. The way to heaven also goes directly from this place, let’s know about this place.
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The tea shop was opened before 25 years.

This shop is no less than a wonder for the tourists coming here. Tourists enjoy tea and Maggi at the last shop, but don’t forget to take selfies and lots of photos along with them. This shop belongs to Chandra Singh Barwal, who opened it 25 years ago.

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The name is written in 10 languages ​​-


Seeing the religious and historical importance of this village, the government had given the status of this tourism village. At this tea shop, you will see a board on which ‘Welcome to India’s last tea shop’ is written in Hindi as well as in 10 languages ​​of India. This shop is built near the caves of Ved Vyas, where the epic Mahabharata was composed.

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The village has a special connection with the Mahabharata.

Actually, the people here believe that the history of Mana village is related to Mahabharata. The name of this village was Manibhadrapuram. It was from this place that the Pandavas went straight towards heaven. Tell me, there is also a board on the main road of this village, Mana village is the last village of India written on this board. 25 years ago a person named Chander Singh Badwal opened the shop. People coming here first come to this shop to have a sip of tea.

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How to reach the last village of India –

By going to Haridwar Railway Station, you can go to Chamoli which is 202 km away by bus or taxi. Mana village is very near from here.

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Best time to visit Mana –

You can visit here from October to April. Avoid coming here during monsoon. This place receives snow for 6 months.

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What to see around Mana village –

To see around Mana village is called Valley of Flowers. Here you can see gardens and flower beds.

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