Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Indian woman heavy on Microsoft! Won 22 lakhs by finding BUG, ​​due to this skill, got a job without getting a degree

Once again an Indian has illuminated the name of the country with his ability. In fact, a 20 year old cyber security analyst named Aditi Singh has won a Microsoft Azure bug bounty of $30,000 (approximately over Rs 22 lakh). Excited by her win, Aditi has told that interestingly, while she is waiting to receive the biggest reward of her life, her parents were not too proud of her and still feel that That “he needs to settle down in his career”.

Singh found an RCE (or Remote Code Execution) bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which comes with serious security implications. The details of the bug have not yet been publicly disclosed.

Aditi tweeted the information

Aditi’s journey to reach here is very interesting
Bug Bounty Hunting has been a trending career option for many aspiring technical experts across India. But Singh’s story is different and inspiring. Like many school going kids, he too joined a private institute in Kota after class 10th to prepare for IIT and medical. However, she soon learns that she may fall behind in the race to clear the competitive exams in India.

Singh said in a conversation with a media institute that- “I joined Allen Institute in Kota for medical preparation. I had no prior knowledge of computer science education and it is only one year that I started bug bounty hunting. is.”

Programming learned from Google and YouTube
After graduating from school, she enrolled for a BCA degree course at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and is also working as a Cyber ​​Security Analyst at MapMyIndia. “I learned about JavaScript, MySQL, and other programming languages ​​by searching Google and watching videos on YouTube. I was also interested in bug bounties and learned to report them as well. It took a dedicated effort to learn about the technology. Took a year.”

found a job by finding a bug
Singh says he found a way to get his first job as a cyber security analyst after school. “While gathering information through multiple platforms, I came across a few vulnerabilities on MapMyIndia. I reached out to them and the good news was that I managed to get a job even without a bachelor’s degree.”

This advice given to students
He advised those interested in this field that- “It is quite foolish to believe that you need a computer science degree to know programming and cyber security. There are many online learning resources available for free. “You don’t need to be an IITian for bug bounty… It’s easy enough if you’re smart enough to search the internet. If one wants to get into ethical hacking, he/she should start with JavaScript or Python and then do a certificate course in ethical hacking.”


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