Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Indian student hoisted the flag here in London instead of the tricolor, people’s anger erupted; Said – this dangerous trend

Usually during the convocation ceremony, when we go to get the degree, we are polite and show good manners. But what a Karnataka student did in London is surprising.

When Adish R Vali, a student of City University’s Bayes Business School, was called to receive his degree during the convocation, he took out the Karnataka flag from his pocket and waved it in front of everyone. Adish himself has shared the video of this incident on his Twitter account. Also, he has described it as a proud moment. Adish is an MS Management student at Bayes Business School. Looking at his bio on Twitter, it seems that he is also a student union leader in the London Youth Council.

proud moment
Sharing the video, he wrote, I graduated with MS in Management from City University Bayes Business School (CAS) of London. Proud moment when I hoisted Karnataka state flag during function in London. This video went viral after being shared. Many people are congratulating him and talking about respecting his feelings, but most people have expressed their displeasure.

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