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Indian Railways: The hassle of waiting list will end! Now AI will get confirmed ticket, Railway has started trial


Railways is now going to use artificial intelligence to confirm tickets
Railways have also tried this technique in which they have got success.
On implementing this technology, there will be an increase in the revenue of railways by crores of rupees.

New Delhi. When you book train tickets to go somewhere, many times you have to face problems due to non-availability of confirmed tickets. At the same time, this problem increases further during the festival. But now the Railways is going to take the help of new technology to solve this problem. Explain that the Railways is now going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to confirm tickets. This will get rid of the hassle of waiting in trains.

Actually, Indian Railways has prepared such an Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the help of which the railway ticket will be automatically confirmed. It is being said that this will reduce the waiting time in trains by about 5 to 6 percent. Let us tell you that the Railways has also tried this technique, in which they have got success. Let us know what will be the benefits of this technology.

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Railway got success in trial
According to media reports, Indian Railways has prepared an in-house artificial intelligence program to deal with the problem of confirmed tickets. For this, the help of Indian Railway’s software branch Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) will be taken. During the trial, the details of about 200 trains including this program Rajdhani Express were fed in it. After this, it was checked how this system manages the demand for seats. Railways got success in this trial and it was found that most of the waiting tickets got confirmed.

Now railway is studying
It was tested in different ways during the trial to confirm waiting ticket through artificial intelligence program. In this, the pattern of booking tickets of passengers in a train was understood. Also, the stations for which maximum number of tickets were booked were also studied. Apart from this, the stations for which there was maximum demand for tickets at any one time in the year were also ascertained. However, till now the study of railway on this technology is going on. After examining it completely, the Railways will consider implementing this program.

Railways will benefit crores from this technology
The waiting list is expected to be reduced by the use of artificial intelligence technology to confirm waiting tickets in the railways. It is being told that this will help in confirming more tickets than before. Railways say that if this technology is implemented, the revenue of the railways will increase by crores of rupees. With this, the Railways is expected to get more revenue of one crore rupees annually from each train.

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