Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Indian citizen became the last winner of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi 2021, won a reward of 20 crores


  • An Indian citizen became the last winner of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi for the year 2021
  • Kerala’s Ranjith Venugopalan Unnithan won a bumper prize of Rs 20 crore on Friday
  • This year the fate of many Indian citizens has shone in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

Oman-based Indian expat Ranjit Venugopalan Unnithan has become the last Big Ticket Abu Dhabi millionaire of this year after winning Dh10 million (around Rs 20 crore) in Friday night’s raffle draw. This was his second attempt in which he bagged the ticket number 052706 jackpot. 42-year-old Ranjith hails from Kollam district of Kerala. This year, the fortunes of many Indians have shined in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi.

Ranjit said, ‘I have been living in Oman for the last 12 years. I bought my first Big Ticket about two years ago. I don’t remember the date but I just bought it to open my account in Big Ticket. Me and some of my friends had deposited money to buy that ticket. But our luck did not favor and I stopped participating in it.
20 crore rupees fell overnight in the lap of Indian in UAE, ‘missing’ after winning bumper prize
will share money with friends
He said, ‘I took part in it for the second time to see whether 2021 is lucky for me or not. But I am glad that it was really lucky for me. ‘Still it’s unbelievable,’ he said. Ranjeet will share the prize money with five to six of his friends, who contributed to buy the ticket. Ranjit is married and has a five-year-old daughter.

The luck of Indians has shined before
Indian national Nail Nizamuddin won a bumper prize of Dh10 million or more than Rs 20 crore in October in the 232nd draw of the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi series held every month. The second prize was won by Angelo Fernandes, an Indian expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. He had won on ticket number 000176, purchased on 25 September.


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