Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Indian-American man arrested in California for murder of daughter-in-law

San Francisco: A 74-year-old Indian-American man has been arrested in California, US, for the murder of his daughter-in-law who was probably upset over his (daughter-in-law’s) plan to divorce her son. This information was given in a media report. Setal Singh Dosanjh shot and killed his daughter-in-law Gurpreet Kaur Dosanjh in the parking area of ​​South San Jose of Walmart last week, the East Bay Times reported.

The report said that Setal was arrested after a police investigation. Investigation revealed that the victim was telling her uncle over phone on Friday about her apprehension that Setal was looking for her. According to reports, the victim is believed to have told her uncle that she had seen Setal drive 150 miles (241 km) to find her. The girl’s uncle told the police that her niece looked ‘terrified’ as Setal was following her car.

Setal was arrested from his home in Fresno
The news further states that this was the last thing that the uncle heard from the niece before disconnecting the call. Five hours later, a Walmart colleague found Gurpreet’s body in the same car in the parking area. He was hit by two bullets and was declared brought dead on the spot. According to police, Gurpreet’s uncle told investigators that his niece was “in the process of divorcing the son of the suspect”.

The husband and his father lived in Fresno. Gurpreet lived in San Jose. Setal was arrested from her home in Fresno following a murder charge filed Wednesday by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, according to a police investigation. During a search of the house, police seized a Point 22-caliber Beretta pistol.

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