Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Indian Aid To Afghanistan: Pakistan wanted to send wheat-medicine to India and its truck to Afghanistan, now a new maneuver has been started


  • Pakistan offers to India trying to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
  • Pak said – Afghan trucks will take Indian help from Wagah border
  • First Pakistan wanted to take Indian help to Afghanistan with its trucks

Pakistan on Friday allowed India to transport 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat and life-saving medicines to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid by Afghan trucks through the Bagha border. Earlier, there was a dispute between the two countries regarding the modalities of providing aid. India on Thursday said that talks are on with Pakistan to finalize the modalities for providing aid to Afghanistan through Pakistan. India also emphasized that there should be no condition on the delivery of humanitarian aid.

India said – there should be no condition in humanitarian aid
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi in New Delhi said that we reiterate our point that there should not be any condition for humanitarian aid. Pakistan had last week officially informed India of its decision to allow India to transport wheat and life-saving medicines from its territory to neighboring Afghanistan as an exception for humanitarian purposes.

Pakistan’s obstacle to India’s help in Afghanistan! Neighboring country put conditions to give way
Now offered to send aid through Afghan trucks
Pakistan on Thursday rejected India’s offer to send wheat to Afghanistan using its territory. However, the Foreign Office said in a statement on Friday that India has been officially informed of the decision to allow New Delhi to send wheat and life-saving medicines to Afghanistan via Afghan trucks via Pakistan.

Pakistan opened the way for Indian wheat, now India’s help will reach Afghanistan directly
India wants to use its trucks
He said that it has been decided that Afghan trucks will be used to transport help from the Wagah border to Torkham. The Foreign Office said that the decision has been conveyed to the Deputy High Commissioner of India. Pakistan had been insisting that consignments of wheat and medicines to be sent to Afghanistan in Pakistani trucks from the Bagha border, while India was trying to use its trucks.

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India’s focus on helping the needy
India wants to ensure that aid reaches the beneficiaries in need and the distribution of relief materials through a credible international agency. Pakistan’s Foreign Office said that the Indian government has been requested to take necessary steps to expedite the delivery of humanitarian aid. It also said that the verdict shows that Pakistan is committed and serious about facilitating the proposed humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

India ready for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan! Taliban claim – it was discussed in the Moscow meeting
Hunger situation in Afghanistan
Experts have warned that millions of people, including children, could face starvation in Afghanistan if the weather turns bad this winter, according to forecasts. Afghanistan is now ruled by the Taliban, which came to power in mid-August.


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