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India US Drill China: US Army is not going to conduct maneuvers like this near the China border in India, there is a big trick hidden, understand

Washington/New Delhi/Beijing: Soldiers of India and America are going to conduct a vigorous military exercise at an altitude of 10,000 feet in Auli, Uttarakhand, just 100 km from the China border. In this exercise going to be held in the month of October, the soldiers of both the countries will learn the tricks of fighting in high altitude areas. China’s official siren Global Times has received a hot pepper on this exercise, which is going to take place amid the ongoing tension between the US and China over the Taiwan crisis. It has claimed, quoting Chinese experts, that it will have an impact on relations with India. Meanwhile, experts say that the US is working with India on a big plan to encircle China by doing exercises. Let’s understand the whole matter….

Exercises are held every year between the Indian and US forces. In the month of October this year also, from 18th to 31st, soldiers of India and America will practice fighting in Auli, Uttarakhand. According to experts, the special thing in this year’s exercise is that there is a war-like situation between the US and China regarding Taiwan. Also, this exercise between both India and America is going to be so close to the border of China for the first time. This is not the reason why China has a crooked eye on it. According to the report of the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the Pacific Command of the US Army has confirmed this. Experts say that America has given a big message to the dragon by announcing to send its army so close to the Chinese border.
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India gave a big message to China by announcing exercise with America
Jeff M Smith, Research Fellow of the Heritage Foundation of America, said in a conversation with Nikkei that India and America have already conducted exercises in Uttarakhand in the years 2014, 2016 and 2018. All these maneuvers took place at a distance of about 300 km from the Chinese border. This time this exercise is going to be done only at a distance of 100 km. This is a new development. At the same time, another foreign affairs expert Tanvi Madan says that this exercise is a message from India to China that it is not putting aside its concern about China or refraining from cooperating with America to please China. Used to be. He said, ‘This exercise is also an indication that India is not giving China the right to veto about its participation.’


Indian and US armies did exercises in Alaska

Not only this, the timing of this exercise is also very important. The armies of India and America will practice gunpowder in October. This exercise is going to take place just before the national meeting of the Communist Party in China in which President Xi Jinping will try to give him a third term from the party. Xi Jinping is furious after US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. On the orders of the Supreme Commander of Chinese forces, Xi Jinping, the PLA has rained gunpowder all around Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi’s visit just before the Communist Party meeting is believed to have created a crisis for Xi Jinping’s third term. Not only this, the same people are now asking questions from Xi Jinping, who instigated the public in the name of nationalism in China, why Nancy Pelosi’s plane was not flown midway. China’s social media is flooded with such messages.
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Chinese army conducts massive live fire drill near Ladakh
The army of India and America has announced this joint exercise at a time when the Chinese army has recently conducted a large-scale live fire drill near the Ladakh border. Chinese state media reported that the Tibetan Military District of the PLA conducted live fire air defense drills last week. China has released pictures saying that drones, air defense guns and missiles took part in the exercise in the mountainous area. The Chinese army practiced to thwart the air strike, while practicing to defend its bases. China told that this exercise was done at an altitude of 15,000 feet. Right after this, now the armies of India and America are going to exercise, which is the largest military training between the two armies. Earlier in the year 2021, this exercise was held in Alaska, America. Black Hawk helicopters and Chinook helicopters took part in this.

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