Sunday, January 29th, 2023

India Sri Lanka Relations: We gave financial assistance of 31888 crores to Sri Lanka, if the dispute over the help increased, then India counted the evidence

Colombo: The Indian Embassy in Colombo has issued a statement on the claim of not giving more financial help to Sri Lanka. Indian Embassy said that we have given unprecedented financial assistance of $ 4 billion to Sri Lanka. The embassy also said that we are continuously supporting Sri Lanka to ease the current economic difficulties. In fact, a media report claimed that India would no longer give more financial aid to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is going through the biggest economic crisis ever since the beginning of this year.

The Indian embassy said that we have seen media reports regarding further financial assistance from India. We would like to emphasize that India has provided unprecedented bilateral assistance of about USD 4 billion this year to address the difficulties faced by the people of Sri Lanka. India has also advocated for other bilateral and multilateral partners who are increasingly supportive of Sri Lanka’s current economic difficulties.

The embassy said that we have also noted the conclusion of an employee-level agreement between the IMF and the Government of Sri Lanka. Its further approval within the IMF is dependent on, inter alia, Sri Lanka’s debt stability. We will continue to support Sri Lanka in every possible way. Will strive for speedy economic recovery and development of Sri Lanka by promoting long-term investments from India, particularly in key economic sectors of Sri Lanka.

In addition, we have bilateral development cooperation projects going on in Sri Lanka. Which is about $3.5 billion in total. Sri Lankan students are availing scholarships for higher education and skill training in premier Indian institutions. These aspects of our close and long-standing cooperation with Sri Lanka also contribute to Sri Lanka’s efforts to address the current economic difficulties.

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