Sunday, March 26th, 2023

India Russia Relations : India and Russia friendship is decades old, it will take time to change foreign policy… Another concern troubling America

Washington : The US has said that India has decades-old relations with Russia, so it will take a long time for India to remove the tilt towards Russia in its foreign policy. The US said it was working “very closely” with India through the Quad and other fora. “It’s not my job to talk about another country’s foreign policy, but I can talk about what we’ve heard from India,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington.

He said that we have seen countries around the world talking frankly on many things, including their vote in the United Nations General Assembly against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We understand this too and as I said a while back it is not like pressing the power button. Responding to a question, he said, “This is a problem especially with countries that have historical ties with Russia. As in the case of India, its ties go back decades.

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‘Countries take their own decisions’
Price said it will take a long time for India to reverse its foreign policy bias. “Countries routinely make their own sovereign decisions,” Price said, answering questions related to multilateral joint military exercises involving Russia and China and several other countries, including India. It is their absolute right to decide which military exercises they have to participate in. I would also mention that most of the participating countries have regular military exercises with the US as well.

America worried about China-Russia friendship
“I don’t see anything else related to this activity,” Price said. Now the broader theme is that we have seen growing relations between China and Russia in many areas, including security. We have seen growing relations between Russia and Iran and we have made statements on this publicly. He said that this is a matter of concern in view of the attitude of countries like China and Russia towards the international order.

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