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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

India needs modern technology from G7

Amitabh Singh
G7 is a special club of seven countries, which was formed in the 70s. Initially six countries came together to deal with the problems arising out of the oil crisis. Later Canada joined this group. Then it came to be known as G7, i.e. group of industrial countries. Russia became a member of this group in 1997, due to which it became G8. But in 2014 Russia occupied the Ukrainian region Crimea, after which it was expelled from the group.

Role of India
The world needs a powerful country like India. India is playing an important role in the world through its wisdom, strategic independence and independent foreign policy. The consensus that was formed in the world after the end of the Cold War has been broken by the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Gaza conflict. Because of this, emphasis is being laid on meetings and summits between multilateral and small groups so that peace, dialogue and cooperation can be promoted in the world.

Global face
India is part of the G7 outreach programme and has participated in 11 meetings. 5 of these have been led by Prime Minister Modi. India’s economy is worth $3.94 trillion, which is larger than the economies of four G7 countries, the United Kingdom (UK), France, Canada and Italy. India has strategic partnerships with the US, UK, France, Japan and Germany. In the last few years, India has become the face of the Global South. It has also led the G20, which is a hub of the Global South and developed countries.

Stronger Global South
Italian Prime Minister Giordano Meloni said ahead of the G7 summit that there is a need to strengthen dialogue with the Global South. She also said that the G7 is not a closed fortress but a proposal of values ​​to be presented to the world. In this context, India is an ideal nation.

– India is an important country in the Global South and the world hears its voice.

– India wants to strengthen its relations with Western countries and is working in this direction.

– Western countries need a strong and trusted ally and India is fully qualified for this.

Developing countries have long criticised the G7 as a club of rich countries. Street clashes between anti-globalisation and anti-capitalist activists protesting G7 meetings and the police were common in the past.

The China Threat
Another viewpoint is that security concerns have increased due to China in the Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean, so the G7 needs India’s support. Apart from this, China can also pose a threat to neighboring countries and the West. That is why Western countries need India. There is also a concern about China’s growing economic dominance, which the West calls ‘overproduction’. Western countries feel that China is also moving forward on the policy of expansionism to promote its economic interests.

got solid benefits
India has so far been receiving only intangible benefits from developed countries regarding leadership of the Global South. India should also demand concrete benefits from these countries. India should say that it needs investment in semiconductors, research in artificial intelligence, critical and advanced technologies and mass production of consumer goods. China has become so powerful in the world through this path.

India has also gained some benefits from the G7. One of these is the India-Middle East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEEEC). It is China’s answer to its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The project was initially meant to connect the Middle East with Europe but was later extended to India. It is part of the PGII (Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment), which intends to develop major projects to develop infrastructure and transport corridors.

talk with
Many foreign policy experts say that India should openly support the West. But India should avoid this. India can only benefit by promoting national interests. It should avoid the Western media and local Western experts saying that it is a force to checkmate China. It is true that India has its own problems with China. There has been a border dispute between the two countries for a long time. But these should not be exaggerated beyond a limit. We need the G7 and the West as much as they need us. National interest should always be supreme.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own

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