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India-Japan News: Indian Air Force fighter jets will thunder in the sky of Japan, China will tremble

Tokyo: China, the country of the world which has challenged many countries at the same time. India and Japan are also included in these many countries. While on one hand the Chinese forces are trying to infiltrate India, on the other hand Japan is also deeply troubled by China’s aggression. China is a common enemy of both the countries. Now both these countries have decided that together they will give a reply to China. Keeping this in mind, the air forces of India and Japan will participate in a joint exercise. This will be the first time that the armies of India and Japan will be involved in a military drill like this.

India-Japan ready for each other
The Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) and the Indian Air Force, (IAF) are going to engage in a bilateral fighter training exercise. The exercise named ‘Veer Guardian’ will be conducted from January 16 to 26 at Hyakuri and Iruma airbases in Japan. If sources are to be believed, the purpose of this exercise is to send a message to China that if it crosses its borders, then Japan can provide air support to India from the Pacific. Also, if Japan needs it, then India can give it strength from the Indian Ocean side.
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Which fighter jets

Apart from Sukhoi, two C-17 will take part in this exercise from the Indian side. While four F-2 and four F-15 fighter jets will be included from the Japanese side. Hyakury Air Force Base is in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. According to Japanese military officials, the purpose of this exercise is to advance mutual understanding between the two countries and strengthen defense cooperation.
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India and Japan had planned this exercise during the 2+2 talks held in September 2022. It was during these talks that it was decided that India would help Japan to acquire counter-strike missiles. Japanese forces are trying to achieve this with the aim of enhancing security and defense cooperation with India.

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direct message to china
Sources say that the Veer Guardian exercise will be a direct message to China. Along with this, both the countries are also going to give a big message to China about the strengthening of the Quad. Apart from India and Japan, the US and Australia are also partners of the Quad. If defense experts are to be believed, this exercise is definitely going to disappoint China. Like India, Japan also believes that China is the biggest threat to its security.

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