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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

India distanced itself from the joint statement of Switzerland Peace Summit, what is the reason?

New Delhi: India has distanced itself from the joint statement of the Ukraine peace talks being held in Switzerland. Foreign Secretary (West) Pawan Kapoor, representing India, made it clear in his/her address that India believes that only that option regarding peace can be permanent which is acceptable to both the parties. he/she said that India has decided that it will not be a part of any joint statement or document coming out of this summit. Kapoor said that ‘India understands the common concern of the whole world about the situation in Ukraine and it supports any such joint effort that moves forward towards a peaceful solution to the crisis. Participation in this summit is linked to our thinking, according to which peace can be achieved only through dialogue and diplomacy.’

Kapoor further said that permanent peace can be established only when all parties are taken along and serious and practical efforts are made between the two concerned parties. The Indian representative made it clear that in this matter India will continue to work with all the stakeholders so that work can be done towards establishing permanent peace. Kapoor said in his/her address, ‘Participation in this summit and dialogue with all the parties is related to the approach so that different views, approaches and options can be explored to find a way for the peace process.’ Apart from India, among the participation of 90 countries, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico and United Arab Emirates have also not signed this document.

What is the whole matter?

The agenda of this meeting held in Bergenstock was to discuss Ukraine’s proposal to end the conflict. Along with this, it has also been mentioned in this document that dialogue between all the parties is necessary for a permanent solution between Russia and Ukraine. The document also mentions the release of all war prisoners. So, in this summit, the working group formed on issues like global food security and nuclear security also participated in extensive discussions. Let us tell you that Russia was not invited to join this summit and China also remained away from it. The President of Ukraine had appealed to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi several times to be a part of the peace formula, although India had confirmed two days before the summit that it would participate in this summit, but it is not decided who will represent. After which Pawan Kapoor, Secretary (West) was sent as India’s representative.

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