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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

India created history at Cannes, films of Meerut’s Mansi and FTII students won awards.

This time, something has been seen in the Cannes Film Festival, which was not seen in the last 78 years. The Cannes Film Festival was started in 1946, but this time entries from 555 film schools from all over the world were also taken. These film schools had sent 2,263 entries to the Cannes Film Festival, out of which only 18 were selected. And the two films that have been selected among these 18 films are from India, and the hearts of the countrymen have swelled with pride. This is the first time that two Indian films have won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Meerut’s Mansi Maheshwari’s short film ‘Bunnyhood’ won a lot of praise at Cannes and won the third prize in the La Cinef category. A short film by a student of FTII Pune won the first prize in the same category.

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Mansi Maheshwari shines in Cannes, discussion of film ‘Bunnyhood’

Meerut’s Mansi Maheshwari dominated the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Everyone there praised him/her after watching the short film Bunnyhood made by him/her. She is doing graduation from Britain. In the short film, Mansi Maheshwari told the story of her mother’s surgery, which touched everyone’s hearts. ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ Mansi Maheshwari said that the news of her mother’s surgery was hidden from her. Taking inspiration from that, he/she made ‘Bunnyhood’, in which the truth of life is shown.


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Graduating from Britain, grew up in Meerut

Before graduating from UK, Mansi Maheshwari was studying knitwear from NIFT, Delhi. It was here that he/she started making films. Mansi is a resident of Meerut and did her initial studies from there. She has been a class 12 topper of Delhi Public School.

Story of mother’s surgery in ‘Bunnyhood’, this is how animation was made

Mansi told that she was very fond of watching cartoons in her childhood, and hence she decided to make her short film in an animated version. For this he/she used cel animation, butter paper and frosted acetate. Mansi told that her film is based on the subject of what circumstances force a person to lie and when and why he/she lies. Mansi is happy that her film was given attention in Cannes. She believes that due to the animation effects and subject of the film, it was selected for an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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FTII student wins first prize in La Cinefe

Apart from Mansi, a student of FTII, Pune won the first prize in La Cinef category. This is a 15-minute Kannada short film, which is based on a folk tale from Karnataka. It was directed by doctor and filmmaker Chidanand Nayak.


FTTI student got Rs 13.5 lakh

This short film was shot by Suraj Thakur, a final year student of TV Unit course, edited by Manoj V and sound design by Abhishek Kadam. he/she got Rs 13.5 lakh as first prize.

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