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Monday, July 15th, 2024

India Coach: After Ponting, another Australian legend refuses to become the coach, Fleming also finds it difficult…

New Delhi. The search for the head coach of the Indian cricket team is going on. Many names are coming forward for this responsibility. Meanwhile, Justin Langer has refused to become the head coach of the Indian team. Ricky Ponting has already rejected this role. There are different types of news regarding Stephen Fleming’s claim. The tenure of Indian coach Rahul Dravid is ending after the T20 World Cup.

The last date of application for the new coach of the Indian cricket team is 27th May. Among the names that have come forward for this so far, Gautam Gambhir seems to be at the forefront. Apart from Gambhir, names of Australia’s Ricky Ponting, Justin Langer and New Zealand’s Stephen Fleming are also included in this race.

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On the question of becoming the Indian coach, Justin Langer clearly said in BBC Stumped Podcast that he/she would not like to take this responsibility right now. Langer said, ‘This could be a great job. But I would not like to take this responsibility right now. On the question of whether he/she would ever want to take this responsibility, Langer said, you can’t say never. There is a lot of pressure in India regarding this responsibility. I once talked to KL Rahul about this. KL said that the pressure and politics that happens during the coaching of an IPL team is many times more than that of the Indian team mates.

Fleming may also reject the offer
New Zealand’s Stephen Fleming was also considered to be in the race to become the new coach. Fleming is currently playing this role in the Chennai Super Kings team. CSK CEO Kasi Vishwanathan said in a podcast that Fleming would hardly want to become the coach of the Indian team. he/she said that Fleming did not want any such role in which he/she would have to stay out of his/her country for about 10 months. This will have to be done if you become the coach of the Indian team. For this reason, Fleming may reject the offer to become the Indian coach.

Ponting does not want to work for 10-11 months in a year
Ricky Ponting has also refused to become the Indian coach citing time. he/she told ICC, ‘There were some discussions about this during IPL. Actually, I would love to become the senior coach of the national team. But I have other things in my life and I want to spend some time at home. If you work with the Indian team, it is a job of 10-11 months in a year. It doesn’t fit into the lifestyle I have right now..’

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