Friday, January 21st, 2022

Include oily fish in eating for longer life: Study

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Not Eating Oily Fish Daily Can Shorten Life Expectancy More Than Smoking: It is necessary to have many nutrients in the food so that the body keeps getting energy. A new study has revealed that if there is a lack of omega-3 oils in the diet, then it can reduce life expectancy more than smoking. Scientists told that smoking reduces your life by 4 years, while lack of fatty acids in the body (fatty acids in fish like salmon and mackerel) reduces life by 5 years. Dailymail UK But in the published article, the study is quoted as saying that the oil found in oily fish is good for the heart and prevents the formation of blood clots. The best level of omega-3 oil in the body is 8 percent, in general this level should be between 8 and 4 percent.

Study lead researcher Dr Michael McBurney from the University of Guelph in Canada said it is interesting that in Japan, where the average omega-3 index is more than eight percent, the expected life span is about five years longer than in the United States, where the average The omega-3 index is about five percent. Therefore, adding a diet that changes the omega-3 index in the daily diet can lead to a longer life.

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The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, used data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS), one of the longest running studies in the world. Researchers in the study found that fatty acid screening could predict mortality similar to standard risk factors.

Co-author Dr Bill Harris, president of the Fatty Acid Research Institute, said that the information given in the concentrations of fatty acids in the four red blood cells was as useful as the lipid levels, blood levels, and blood pressure in relation to likelihood of total mortality. In conditions of pressure, smoking and diabetes.
This describes the omega-3 index as a risk factor and should be considered as important as other important risk factors, and perhaps even more so.

This risk factor can be reduced by changing factors such as diet, tobacco, alcohol and physical inactivity. Researchers in the study found that lifestyle choices help identify people who are at risk. Apart from this, it can also be helpful in preventing ill health, delaying death and assessing how to treat.

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