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In this disease, the mother is not able to be formed even after having periods, the problem can remain for years.

In the process of ovulation, an egg is released from one of the two ovaries. These eggs help in getting pregnant but some women do not ovulate despite regular menstrual cycles. When an egg is not released from the ovary, it is called anovulation. It is also called chronic anovulation. This condition can last for a year or more and is a common cause of infertility. According to National Institute of Health infertility In about 30% of cases, the problem is related to ovulation itself.

what causes anovulation

ovulation Many hormones are involved in this. Some of these gonadotropin releasing hormones, fsh and LH. Any imbalance in these hormones can cause problems with ovulation. Apart from this, high BMI or body weight can lead to a chemical imbalance if there are more androgens such as testosterone in the body. This leads to anovulation. Taking too much stress can lead to an imbalance in the hormones required for ovulation. Anovulation can happen at any time during the menstrual cycle. However, it is more common when the first menstruation or menopause starts. Hormonal imbalance at this time can lead to anovulation.

Symptoms of anovulation

Some of the symptoms are increased or decreased menstrual cycle, absence of menstruation, irregular periods, lack of cervical mucus, irregular basal body temperature. Many women have normal periods during anovulation.

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Can get pregnant without ovulation

when male sperm If the egg is fertilized, then pregnancy can happen. Without ovulation one cannot fertilize and you cannot get pregnant. However, anovulation can be cured by making some lifestyle changes and with the help of medicines.

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treatment of anovulation

Your doctor may recommend following lifestyle changes to treat anovulation:

  • If you are obese, then lose weight first.
  • If you do heavy workouts then reduce it.
  • If there is stress and anxiety, then take therapy for it.
  • With the help of the right diet plan, it helps in maintaining weight and menstrual cycle.

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how long does anovulation last

Anovulation can be temporary or long-term. It depends on the reason for this. In most cases, it can be cured with the help of lifestyle changes and medicines.

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Who does anovulation

Anovulation can happen to any woman or girl between the ages of 12 and 51. If you have just started having periods, are nearing menopause, or PCOS If you have a low or low BMI, then you may have anovulation.

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