Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

In the report of Netloss, the loss caused to the country due to internet ban, 21 thousand people got jobs with billions of dollars.

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NetLoss India Report: These days there is a trend of shutting down the internet. When there is any kind of disturbance in any area, the government bans the internet there. Many times the government closes the net even on the tests taken for government jobs. The Indian economy has suffered a loss of $ 1.9 billion in the first half of 2023 due to internet shutdown. This information has been given in a report released on Thursday. Recently, the administration in Punjab and Manipur shut down the internet to maintain law and order. In its report ‘Netloss’, the global non-profit body Internet Society said that the ‘lockdown’ has also caused a loss of foreign investment of about $ 118 million and about 21,000 jobs.

Government in misunderstanding

The report says that governments often make the mistaken impression that shutting down the internet will reduce unrest, stop the transmission of disinformation or reduce the risk of harm from cyber security threats. But ‘bandhi’ has a very bad effect on economic activities. It said that due to frequent internet shutdowns in India to create law and order, the risk of this has increased to 16 percent so far this year, making India one of the most risky countries in the world this year.

This is how damage happens

According to the report, internet shutdowns lead to shutdowns of e-commerce, resulting in losses due to non-accelerating transactions, increased unemployment, disrupted business-customer interactions and financial and credit-related issues for companies. risks arise. The report made it clear that it was against ‘Bandi’ and urged governments to refrain from implementing it, which affects the country’s economy, society and internet infrastructure.

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