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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

In T20 WC 2024, ‘Khela’ will be changed from Super 8, batsmen will dominate, know the reason In T20 World Cup 2024, ‘Khela’ will be changed from Super 8 round, batsmen will dominate bowlers, know the reason

New Delhi. After the completion of the group matches of T20 World Cup 2024, the batsmen have heaved a sigh of relief. There is a valid reason for this. In these matches, the bowlers completely dominated the batsmen. About 80 percent of the matches were low-scoring and even the veteran batsmen were seen struggling for runs. In the matches held in America, many batsmen also got injured on wickets with uneven bounce. However, this phase is now over. The Super 8 matches of the tournament are likely to once again establish the ‘rule’ of the batsmen and put the bowlers on the ‘backfoot’.

The reason for this is that all the matches from the Super 8 round will be played on the grounds of West Indies where the wickets are more batting friendly than America. However, spinners can also perform well on the slow wickets of the Caribbean Islands. All the 12 matches of Super 8 will be held on three grounds, out of which two grounds- Grass Islet and Bridgetown pitch are helpful for the batsmen. In the current tournament, a score of 200+ has been made three times so far and Grass Islet and Bridgetown have witnessed it twice. Apart from these two grounds, Super 8 matches are also to be held at North Sound. Super 8 will start today with the South Africa-America match (Group 2). The Indian team has to play its first match in this round against Afghanistan on Thursday in Bridgetown.

This time the run rate was the lowest in the T20 World Cup
Talking about the group stage of T20 World Cup 2024, this round could not give fun to cricket lovers amid the ‘domination’ of bowlers. Fans who are used to seeing fours and sixes in T20 matches have been disappointed by this tournament so far. 37 matches could be played in the group stage, three were washed out due to rain. The run rate in these 37 matches was 6.71, which is the lowest till date. Earlier, in the 2021 edition held under the shadow of Corona, runs were scored at an average of 7.43. The dominance of the ball over the bat in the current World Cup can be understood from the fact that no more than 50 runs were scored against the bowler in any match. The most expensive bowling analysis was that of Logan van Beek of Netherlands, who conceded 45 runs in a spell of four overs against Sri Lanka. Amidst this ‘drought’ of runs, no batsman has been able to score a century so far. Not only this, till now only 16 half-centuries have been scored which is an average of a little more than one in every two matches.

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There was no ‘power’ in the power play, top 3 batsmen kept struggling

In T20 and ODI formats, powerplay means overs to score runs but during this too, except for a few matches, most of the time the batsmen struggled for runs. Top 3 batsmen are the pillars of any team and they are responsible for laying the foundation of the innings and scoring most of the runs but this notion also seemed to break in this World Cup. In this tournament, the average of the top 3 batsmen was 18.19 and strike rate was 110.44 which is the lowest till date. Earlier in the 2010 T20 World Cup, the average of the top 3 batsmen was 23.73 and strike rate was 119.66. Coincidentally, the host of this World Cup was also West Indies.

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38 maiden overs only in group matches
In this bowler-dominated World Cup, 38 maiden overs have been bowled till the group round itself, which is a little less than double the number of maiden overs bowled in any World Cup before this. Before this, 21 maiden overs were bowled in 27 matches of the 2012 World Cup. The least number of maiden overs (5) were bowled in 27 matches of the 2009 World Cup in England. In this edition of the T20 World Cup, the maximum number of 20 teams are participating, so naturally the number of matches has increased.

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8 of the top 10 scores of the tournament were made on Caribbean grounds
In the group round, fast bowlers dominated the 13 matches played on three US grounds (New York, Dallas and Florida). They took 125 of the total wickets while spinners took 34 wickets. During this period, the average of fast bowlers was 17.50 and economy was 5.94 while the average of spin bowlers was 24.79 and economy was 6.86. The situation on the grounds in West Indies can be considered more favourable for spinners. Of course, in the matches played on the Caribbean Islands, fast bowlers have taken more wickets than spinners but this difference is not like the American grounds. Fast bowlers took 181 wickets and spinners took 116 wickets in the group matches here. During this period, spinners performed better than fast bowlers in terms of economy. The average of fast bowlers was 17.52 and economy was 6.87 while the average of spinners was 19.46 and economy was 6.61. The possibility of batsmen dominating the matches from the Super 8 round has also increased because 8 out of the top 10 scores made so far in the tournament have been made on the grounds of the Caribbean Islands.

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It’s time for the batsmen to ‘open their arms’

Anyway, with the Super 8 matches, it is time for the batsmen to ‘open their arms’. There is every hope that in the upcoming matches in West Indies, fans will get to see a fair contest on the ‘sporting’ wickets. In this ‘battle’ between bat and ball, batsmen with sportsmanship can dominate. At one time, most of the wickets in West Indies were helpful for fast bowlers but now they have become slow and are helpful for spin bowlers. In such a situation, the role of wrist spinner can be important. It is likely that in the upcoming matches, the batsmen will be in the ‘deciding role’ and fans eager to see fours and sixes will get to see a ‘rain of runs’.

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