Sunday, March 26th, 2023

In Pakistani university, the woman did such a dance in front of the student, the radicals got angry, told ‘obscene’, created a ruckus

Islamabad : Controversy has arisen in a university in Pakistan regarding the dance of a singer. A video of a female singer performing during a festival at a private university in Peshawar went viral on social media. In this, the woman is seen singing and dancing, which is being called ‘objectionable’ in Pakistan. Now Khyber Medical University has taken cognizance of this video on Friday. “It is highly objectionable to carry out such activities on the platform with the logo and name of KMU,” the notice issued to the private university said.

According to Pakistani media, the notice stated that all educational institutions are bound to uphold morality and sanctity. In the notice of KMU, a reply has been sought from the management of the private university within three days. Failure to respond has also warned of strict disciplinary action against the institute, under which the recognition of the institute can also be terminated. People are sharing the video of the woman’s performance on social media.

Objection to women’s clothes and dance
Some Pakistani users are also questioning the performance of the woman on social media. One user wrote, ‘The chancellor will be fired soon. This will not be tolerated in KP, NCS University Peshawar. Seeing the video, it is known that the woman in the private university was singing a song in western clothes with bold dance moves. Seeing the singer’s clothes and dance, Pakistani media and fanatics got furious and termed it as ‘objectionable’.

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Dancing in a conservative country ‘against religion’
Dancing and singing is extremely difficult in a radical and conservative country like Pakistan. It is the same Pakistan that a few years ago banned dance in schools in Punjab province and termed it an “immoral act”. In a government notice, it was called ‘against religion’. The owners and teachers of the institute were also warned of action for violating the ban. Then the year was 2018 and today 2022, the conservatism in Pakistan is the same.

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