Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Imran Khan’s claim turned out to be hollow, fire in Pakistan’s sugar prices, more expensive than petrol

Inflation in Pakistan is continuously setting its records and the people are suffering. Despite all the claims of the Imran Khan government, the prices of essential commodities are increasing continuously in Pakistan. The situation has become such that the prices of sugar are skyrocketing in the country and have exceeded that of petrol. While sugar is being sold at Rs 150 per kg in Pakistan, one liter of petrol is being sold for Rs 138.30.

According to Pakistani newspaper Geo News, the prices of sugar in many cities of the country have now exceeded that of petrol. The report said that the price of sugar has increased by Rs 8 per kg in Peshawar city of Pakistan. Here sugar is being sold in bulk at Rs 140 per kg while the retail price has gone up to Rs 150 per kg. On the other hand, sugar hoarding has also started in Lahore and artificial shortage of sugar has been done to earn more.

Imran’s package also failed to stop inflation in the country
According to market sources, sugar prices in Pakistan have increased by Rs 9 per kg. Here sugar is being sold at Rs 140 per kg. Sugar prices have increased by Rs 12 per kg in Karachi. Here the price of sugar has reached Rs 142 which is the highest in history. Sugar is also being sold at Rs 129 per kg in Quetta city.

Inflation is worse in Pakistan and to reduce it, Imran Khan recently announced a package. This package of Imran has also failed to stop inflation in the country. Recently, PML-N’s MPA (MLA) Tariq Masih, wearing a garland of vegetables and riding a bicycle, had come to participate in the session of the Punjab Legislative Assembly in protest against the rising inflation in Pakistan.

Opposition in Pakistan attacked Imran strongly
Inflation in Pakistan has reached its highest level in 70 years. According to the report of ANI, the prices of food items have almost doubled. The prices of Ghee, Oil, Sugar, Flour and Chicken have reached their all-time high. PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif was quoted as saying in the report, “The country is paying the price of inflation, economic devastation and unemployment and the government does not realize that not only the poor but also those with white collar jobs. It has crushed.


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