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Imran Khan Pakistan: Islamic fundamentalism on the rise in Pakistan, will there be a coup again because of Imran Khan, know what experts say

Islamabad: After seven decades, Pakistan is once again smoldering in the month of March. After what happened in 1953, discussions have started on whether there will be another coup in the country. In March 1953, large-scale riots broke out in Pakistan. The situation is a bit different this time and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has intensified the stir in Lahore. Imran is holding rallies in the historic Minar-e-Pakistan of the country. Along with the police spectacle at Zaman Park, Imran’s furious supporters did not allow Imran to be arrested. The situation in the country has been very chaotic for the last few years. In such a situation, everyone is just asking the question whether there is going to be another coup in Pakistan.

when the first coup
March 1953 In Rawalpindi, the shops of the entire community, including that of the head of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, an organization of the Ahmadiyya community, were ransacked. Due to this incident, riots broke out across the country. Anarchy spread all over the country including Lahore. Havaldar Abdul Ghafoor and an Ahmadiyya who had a perfume business were killed. Amidst the riots, the army and the government got busy in deciding whether the leadership of Pakistan should be handed over to the army or the responsibility should remain with the government. Five years after the riots i.e. in 1958, the country came under military rule for the first time. Field Marshal Ayub Khan staged a coup in the country and took over the reins.
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Will history repeat again
If experts are to be believed, what has happened in Lahore’s Zaman Park points in this direction. he/she says that since 2008, the political order of Pakistan has been shaky. The government is present at the center but in reality the responsibility rests with the army. Imran Khan, who was removed from power in April 2022, is now again in the fray and is fighting his/her battle with full force. he/she is continuously demanding elections as he/she is confident of his/her victory. But at the same time, he/she is also pushing the country towards a big danger. Because of Imran, the threat to Pakistan is increasing at a time when it is already going through an economic crisis.
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Imran and opposition face to face

Imran Khan wants a ‘Riyasat-e-Madina’ political system in the country where everyone is looked upon equally. This talk of Imran is reminding experts of the year 1953 when there was a demand for equal treatment with the Ahmadiyya community of the country. Imran has promised a country where everyone will be able to speak, every citizen will have a home, health facilities and jobs. Imran advocates for religious education and at the same time advocates for the Taliban in the West. On the other hand, Imran’s opponents are against his/her idea of ​​a secular and modern nation. Because of Imran, the people of the country are face to face. Because of this, it has now been decided to postpone the provincial elections in Pakistan even after the order of the Supreme Court.

military facilities
PM Shahbaz Sharif is afraid that the army, which has kept him/her safe, may remove him/her from his/her post, he/she is trying to save all the generals. Army has been given 45,000 acres of land for corporate farming project. The National Assembly has expanded the country’s harsh blasphemy laws to silence their religious authority. Pakistan’s military is also facing increasing attacks from jihadists. There is every possibility that there could be a coup in the country. The army also has no solution to the economic crisis.

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