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Improve Vocabulary: Want to do better Vocabulary? Do follow these easy tips

How To Improve Vocabulary:Learning English doesn’t always mean sitting in class and studying difficult grammar. English language teachers encourage you to learn extras outside of school. There are many ways to improve your understanding of language, many of which can be a lot of fun. When you’re trying to improve your vocabulary, you don’t even have to sit down and memorize the dictionary. There are so many fun and creative ways to do this.

Reading books is the most perfect way to increase vocabulary because words are words in it. Reading for Vocabulary is great because it helps you learn and reinforce vocabulary. In the books, you learn more new vocabulary in its context, along with a relevant vocabulary and you also find the most frequently used and useful words in it.

Find New Words
You should discover new words daily and try to understand them.
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Make Notes Of New Words
Try jotting down any new words you learned on the first day. Write them down in a separate notebook of yours. Keep revising them in between so that you do not forget.

Use Good Vocabulary In Conversation
This will help you stand out from the mass. Gradually, when you sit for the interview you will notice that you are speaking very fluently and even using good words. This often attracts the panelists quite a bit.

keep a good bilingual dictionary
It’s good to look up obscure words in the dictionary. You can use the dictionary to look up unfamiliar words you come across in your daily life.
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play games
It is not necessary to learn only from books. You can also learn while playing games. There are plenty of board games designed to increase your word power such as Unscramble, solving a different kind of puzzle.

Read Idioms And Phrases
Idioms are especially important because they help you express yourself in more unique ways. You can say ‘You hit the nail on the head’ instead of ‘You’re correct’, which is a more complex and catchy statement. Idioms can also be fun, allowing you to make yourself appear more authentic while showing off your personality and sense of humour.

be in the company of English speakers, talk
You should try to speak in English as much as you can. You can watch some online videos and learn from them too. Talk with English speakers around you.
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Learn English Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms and antonyms can help you expand your vocabulary. Find words with similar meanings that you can use in place of commonly used words, giving you more options to express yourself. Understanding the antonyms of a word is equally beneficial. This will help you to understand the meaning of the word more clearly.

Read English News Paper, Watch English Movies (Read English Newspaper)
Make a habit of reading English newspaper daily. There are various sources like The Financial Times, Economic Times and Business World etc. Make a habit of reading and understanding the news. Similarly, watching English movies is also a great way to improve vocals. Read subtitles whenever you are watching English movies. It helps you to read fast and fluently.


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