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Importance of Breastfeeding | Breastfeeding is an integral part of the fortunate motherhood journey. Presswire18 (News)

Gynecologist Dr. Sakshi Bansal MBBS, MD (OBGY & GYNE)

Nagpur: It is a matter of good luck to get motherhood. Women shy away from pregnancy and breastfeeding due to changing lifestyle, working women, divided family, decreasing immunity, stressful life etc. Gynecologist Dr Sakshi Bansal of Alexis Multispeciality Hospital highlighted the seriousness of the subject during the conversation on Breastfeeding.

Why is breastfeed important?

After birth, it is necessary to breastfeed the child for 6 months. Breastfeeding is beneficial for both the child and the mother, therefore, the child should be breastfed as much as possible. Drinking mother’s milk increases the immunity of children, while it also reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. If mother’s milk is not given to the child, it can have a very bad effect on their health. Due to this, the child becomes physically weak, as well as he may suffer from many serious diseases later on. Mother’s milk is like nectar for the baby, but if milk is fed at this time, the baby can probably get more benefits from it and his sleep can also be complete. Mother’s milk contains essential nutrients for the development and nutrition of the baby. Breast milk contains antibodies which work to build the immunity of the child.

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What can be serious problems and diseases?

Women who are unable to breastfeed their children may have an increased risk of premenopausal breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gestational weight gain, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndrome.

When should breastfind be done?

Mother’s milk should be started at least one hour after birth. Although mothers breastfeed the baby throughout the day, but feeding the baby at night is more beneficial. Prolactin hormone is more in the mother’s body at night and the baby also feels more hungry at night. A child of 1 to 6 months can drink 64% milk of his hunger at night and after that the child drinks 20% milk of his hunger for the whole day. The supplement is not recommended for newborns if the mother is unable to breastfeed, as it may not match the health aspects of breast milk.

New mothers are not able to feed the baby, so they should keep their breast milk in the fridge for 6-10 hours and then give it to the baby when needed. Stored milk can also be used for premature babies as it does not have any effect on health. A mother is advised to breastfeed her baby even if she is suffering from cold and cough as the virus does not spread through breast milk.

Is it safe for baby to drink stored breast milk?

Correctly stored breast milk has similar health benefits and can be used for premature babies as well. The ideal way is to take out the milk and keep it in the fridge for 6-10 hours.

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Why is awareness important?

Awareness initiative by Alexis Every year from August 1 to August 7, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated by WHO. Alexis has also organized counseling, guest lectures and many awareness programs for women.

attitude has to be changed

Dr. Sakshi Bansal said that the attitudes of the society will have to be changed if a woman is feeding milk to a child in a public place. A separate place should be made for breast feed in public places. There should also be a separate place for working women in the workplace. By the way, nowadays facilities like feeding puppies, nursing cover have come. Women should take all types of food and nutritious diet from the time of delivery and especially after delivery. Want to live a stress free life. Breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child.

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