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Immunity Booster: These vitamins will give strength to the body in the fight against corona, know from the expert how much dose to take

Recently, in the era of Kovid-19, symptoms ranging from cold, cold, dry cough to difficulty in breathing have been seen. We currently do not have any antiviral drugs that can specifically treat COVID-19. Although a Kovid-19 vaccine is available to protect you from getting infected with the virus, even if you are showing symptoms of Kovid-19, then some vitamin supplements can strengthen your immunity to fight the corona virus.

But keep in mind that no vitamin can protect you from COVID-19. But it will help you completely in reducing the symptoms of corona. So let us know here which vitamins you should take regularly to avoid coronavirus infection.
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These vitamins are necessary to defeat corona

It is very important to take vitamins B, C, D and zinc to control the symptoms of Kovid-19. It can be helpful in boosting your immune system and fighting disease.

Vitamin B6 will boost immunity


Vitamin B-6 is very important to keep immunity in top condition, there are many types of biochemical reactions present in vitamin B6. Boost immunity. Therefore, keep consuming vitamin B6 regularly in your diet. By the way, there are better options in the diet of non-vegetarian people. For vitamin B6, you can eat eggs, chicken, salmon fish.

Benefits of consuming Vitamin D

Vitamin-D intake is beneficial to meet the deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Although you get vitamin D from exposure to the sun’s UV rays, through dietary supplements or the foods you eat, you can avoid respiratory infections by consuming enough of this vitamin. According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharma Cotherapeutics, vitamin D supplements can also protect your respiratory tract from infection or respiratory muscle tension. That is why it is very important to take vitamin D during and after the corona pandemic.

Weakness is felt in the body even after a good diet, so mix these 3 supplements in this way

Take a Vitamin-C Supplement

If you are already taking vitamin C, your chances of catching a cold are very low. Inflammation of the lungs is a serious symptom of vitamin C, which can cause shortness of breath. as an antioxidant vitamin C Effective in reducing inflammation. Even if you are healthy, there is no harm in taking vitamin-C in your diet to avoid the symptoms of corona.

take zinc regularly

Our lymphocyte count is affected during infection. In such a situation, zinc works to increase the lymphocytes count, so that your immunity can be enabled to fight against any disease. According to the National Institute of Health, zinc helps build and activate T-cells. For quick recovery, start taking zinc for the treatment of the disease within the first 24 hours after symptoms appear. Taking a dosage of 75 mg daily is sufficient. But keep in mind that taking more than 150 mg daily can cause poisoning and affect the immune system.

To defeat Kovid-19, even a healthy person can consume vitamins B, C, D and zinc. While taking them, keep in mind the right amount. An overdose can cause toxicity.

Take these vitamins daily to defeat corona virus

Take these vitamins daily to defeat corona virus


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