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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

IFB 8 Kg 5 Star AI Powered Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine, 2X Power Steam (SENATOR NEO MXS 8012, 2023 Model, Mocha, In-built Heater, 4 years Comprehensive Warranty)

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Price: ₹48,990 - ₹36,990.00
(as of Jul 10, 2024 19:42:51 UTC – Details)

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Diva Aqua MSSDiva Aqua MSS

ifb ifb ifb ifb ifb 1 AI Smart Wash 2 2X Power Steam 3 Inbuilt Heater 4 Aqua Energie 5 Crescent Moon Drum

Smart Wash, Powered by AI

A neural network-based algorithm detects fabric type and weight. It then optimizes the wash—duration, water level, wash actions, and the level of gentleness needed

2X Power Steam

IFB Front Load washing machines offer steam function in wash programs for 99.99% germ protection. The Steam Cycle runs twice in the wash program, in the beginning of the wash cycle to remove stubborn dirt and stains and at the end of the wash program to remove wrinkles and smoothen the fabric.

Aqua Energie

Hard water struggles in Indian households are a common pain point. IFB’s patented AquaEnergie Technology treats hard water, deactivating the calcium ions and energizing the water to dissolve detergent thoroughly. Now no more fading due to hard water minerals.

ifb ifb ifb ifb ifb 1 Bigger Drum 2 Energy Efficiency 3 Laundry Add Option 4 Express Wash 5 Auto Tub Clean

ifb Zero Compromise

No compromise on processes, components and technologies to deliver outstanding performance.

ifb Sustainability

Efficient Solutions that Drive Sustainability.

ifb IFB Care

Ensuring outstanding service and support that makes every customer smile.

ifb Better Living

IFB puts your well-being first with features that ensure health and hygiene.

Set Yourself Free with IFB Washing Machine

1 Zero Compromise 2 Sustainability 3 IFB Care 4 Better Living

How does AI work in IFB Washing Machine?

A neural network-based algorithm to detects the fabric type and weight of the clothes. It adjusts the wash programs as needed to wash your clothes. For example, if you are washing delicate fabrics, the AI will adjust the wash cycle to be gentler.

What is 2X Power Steam?

Steam is used twice during the wash program: At the beginning of the wash program to dislodge dirt and act on allergens and at the end of the wash programme, in combination with the anti-crease cycle to minimize wrinkles.

What is Aqua Energie?

IFB’s patented AquaEnergie Technology treats hard water, deactivating the calcium ions and energizing the water to dissolve detergent thoroughly. Now no more fading due to hard water minerals.

What is the Drum Material?

Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Drum. Smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface creates a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to the fabrics.

Does this Machine have Self-Diagnosis?

Yes. Displays error codes on the machine, enabling you to troubleshoot the problem.

Fully-automatic Front load washing machine: Best Wash Quality, Energy and Water efficient
Capacity:8 kg
Energy star rating 5 Star: Best in class efficiency
Manufacturer Warranty :IFB washers come with Indiaâ€s best warranty 4 Years Comprehensive Warranty + 10 years Motor Warranty + 10 years Spares Support
1200 RPM: higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
12 Wash Programmes: Baby Wear, Cradlewash for Delicates, Baby Wear, Mixed Soiled+, Cotton Normal, Synthetic, Woollens, Sports Wear/ Fitness Wear, Express Wash, Cotton Eco Plus, Rinse+Spin, Spin Dry/Drain
Drum / Pulsator type & Body material:Stainless Steel
Key Performance Features:: Powered By AI, 2X Power Steam Cycle for Power Cleaning, Aqua Energie Device for Water Softening, Better Detergent Action & Color Protection, Cradle Wash for Delicates, Time Saver: Saves Water, Power, Detergent & Time, Laundry Add, Quick Express Wash
Inbuilt Heater Temperature Range: Hot, Warm, Cold, Self Diagnosis, Program Memory Back up, Child Lock, High-Low Voltage Protection, Auto Imbalance Control, Protective Rat Mesh, Foam Detection, Auto Restart, Auto Tub Clean, Anti Rust proof body, Silent Operation

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