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How to install Remote Start in the car

Photo: CANVA Easy to install remote start in car

Car Remote Start: Who wouldn’t love to be able to remotely lock or unlock your car, start or turn on your AC in summers, preheat your car in winters with a remote control? Now every new car comes with this feature set from the factory. But the cars in the economy range made before 2010 did not have the remote start feature. If you also have an old car that does not have a remote feature, then there is nothing to worry because remote control can be installed comfortably in these old vehicles too.

You can also go to a mechanic to get this remote control installed in your car. Just keep in mind that the mechanic must be a 12 volt automotive electrician. But if you feel that you understand your vehicle well and you can do electrical work then you can easily install this system.

This stuff is necessary before installing

  • Before installing a remote starter in your car, prepare a tool-kit.
  • Wire strippers, wire cutters, digital multimeter, iron shoulder, wrench and screwdriver are must-haves in this tool kit.
  • Also, buy a remote control starter which is of good quality and can also be connected to your car’s anti-theft alarm. If your car doesn’t have an anti-theft alarm, you can also go for a remote starter that comes with an in-build anti-theft alarm.

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Pre-install Preparation

Before remote starter installation, read the manual book that came with the starter once. Also read the manual booklet of the car to understand the wiring of your car. When you’re satisfied, put your car seat back, check all battery-powered functions, and then disconnect the car battery.

how to remote install

    • Now first of all open the panel below your steering. If it has screws then it is easy to open it, if instead of screws it is just fitted in blocks then to open it you can use a screwdriver to create a gap at the joints. Note that the panel should be opened gently, its block may break if jolted.
    • Now you have to add the wiring. This is where the manual booklet will come in handy. Not only is it necessary to connect the correct wiring of the remote starter, but it is also necessary to take care that there are no loose wires. Once it is added, also should it with iron. Now don’t forget to connect the ground wire by opening the kick panel area, it is usually black in color. Your car booklet can help you identify its exact location.
    • Now connect your remote starter to your car’s 12v wire and attach the battery once and check whether all wires have power or not with a digital multi-meter.
    • That’s it, now your normal car is also ready to be started from remote.

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