Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

If you invest here without taking Twitter Blue Tick subscription, you will become a millionaire, understand the complete maths of investment

New Delhi:Twitter Blue Tick service has been launched in India. Now people will have to loose their pockets to get Twitter Blue Tick. Twitter has removed the blue verification badge from profiles without blue subscriptions. If you are Android and iOS users, then you will have to pay Rs 900 per month. And for web users, Rs 650 per month will have to be paid. If you take the annual plan of Twitter Blue subscription, then it will cost Rs 6,800. Its monthly expenditure will be around Rs 566.67. But if you invest these money without taking the service of Twitter Blue Subscription, then you can become a millionaire. You can accumulate a substantial bank balance.

Investment Tips: If you want to become a millionaire, then just understand this trick, only 50 rupees will have to be saved every day.

This is how you will become a millionaire

You can accumulate a fund of more than Rs 2 lakh by saving Rs 900 every month. For this you have to invest through planning. Mutual funds will be the best option according to the investment strategy. Timing of investing in mutual funds is very important. The best formula for investment is called SIP i.e. Systematic Investment Plan. Wealth can be increased rapidly with this formula. If you invest Rs 900 every month for 10 years and get 12% interest on it, then you will accumulate a fund of 2.09 lakhs.

Investment Tips: You can become a millionaire by saving only 10 rupees everyday, understand this great formula of savings

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become rich wisely

Experts tell that you do not need to invest a lot to become rich. You can easily accumulate a substantial amount of funds even with a low investment. For this, you should know about the right methods of investment. If you invest more than this instead of 900, then according to this calculation you will get more bumper returns in ten years.

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