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If you have forgotten the password of computer or laptop, then there is no need to take tension, Pendrive will help.


To change the password, first download Rufus and HBCD_PE in the pendrive.
After this, let the HBCD_PE software run in the pendrive for 10 minutes.
Now put it in the pendrive whose password you have forgotten, then change it.

New Delhi: After forgetting the password of the computer, the old password is required to forget the password. Without this it is very difficult to reset it. In such a situation, many times people take it to the mechanic to get the lock broken. Do you also forget laptop password again and again? Usually this happens when people are using it after a long time.
If the same happens with you then there is no need to worry now. With the help of a trick and pendrive, the computer password of any laptop can be changed in a pinch.

If you forget the password of any window computer or laptop, you must have at least one pendrive to change it. Apart from this, you download 2 software separately with the help of another computer. Rufus and HBCD_PE both these software are freely available on the internet. Remember that only downloading it does not install it. This will be required while resetting the password.

how to install software in pendrive
1. First of all make pendrive bootable through Rufus software.
2. Now open this software. Add the HBCD_PE software by clicking on the device section in Drive Properties.
3. Select MBR in Partition scheme. Leave the Cluster Size at default in Format Option.
4. Now click on Ready in the status section and let it run.
5. Remove it from the laptop after about 10 minutes when it is running.
6. Now it is ready to change the password.

Change the password of any computer or laptop like this
1. Insert the pendrive into the laptop or computer whose password has been forgotten.
2. Now let it turn on in boot mode. Open the search bar after it is completely open.
3. Search NTPWEdit here and press Enter. Once found, open it and click on Open.
4. After this all the user accounts are available in front of you.
5. Right click on whose password you want to change and change password.
6. Now enter the password twice and click on the OK button to save it.

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