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If you go to Chandni Chowk then definitely eat these 5 things, the taste of Delhi is hidden in these.

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Chandni chowk famous food

Chandni chowk famous food: Apart from its wholesale market, Chandni Chowk Market of Delhi is also famous for food items. Actually, here you will find veg-non-veg and many types of food items. If we talk only about veg foods, then you should definitely enjoy these famous things (chandni chowk famous food places). The taste of each of these is special in itself, and you do not need to spend much money to eat them. Apart from this, after eating these you will feel like coming here again and again. So, let us know in detail about the most famous foods of Chindani Chowk.

Famous foods of Chandni Chowk-Chandni Chowk famous food in Hindi

1. Paratha Street

Paratha Wali Gali is one of the most famous foods of Chandni Chowk. You may like eating parathas here. The parathas here are fried in desi ghee and all types of parathas will be available here. That means parathas made of all vegetables, lentils and cheese. Not only this, the taste of the vegetables eaten with these parathas is also amazing and you will get many options in these too.

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You will find goods from every state on this one lane of Delhi, this is the best place for shopping for gifts.

2. Lotan Chole Kulche

Lotan’s Chole Kulcha has been famous in Old Delhi for 90 years. These are so spicy that after eating them you will feel happy. The taste of chickpeas is completely different as it contains various types of spices. Secondly, the taste of Kulchas which have very tasty stuffing and after eating them, your stomach will be full.

3. Balaji Chaat

Balaji Chaat, Chandni Chowk is a very famous market and people come from far and wide to eat golgappas and chaat from this shop. Their taste is amazing, spicy and spicy. Apart from this, you will also get to eat other popular street foods at this shop.


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Best street food is available at these places in Noida, definitely taste it once.

4. Rabdi Jaleba

Rabri Jaleba is a very famous shop in Chandni Chowk. Here instead of Jalebi, big Jaleba are available in which 1 Jaleba is of 100 grams. These jaleba are fried in desi ghee and eaten with rabri. You will always find crowd here.

5. Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat Ki Chaat is prepared by mixing milk, cream and butter etc. This is a very famous chaat in which many milk products are used. The special thing is that this chaat is available only here and its taste is also so special. So, go to Chandni Chowk and try these famous foods.

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