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If you consider yourself a genius, then find out the five differences hidden in the picture in 10 seconds; this puzzle is funny

In your childhood, you must have solved the puzzles of the pictures published in the newspapers. In which sometimes five and sometimes 10 differences had to be found in a similar looking picture. In those days, the one who solved the picture puzzle used to be very proud of himself. And proved himself super intelligent in front of everyone. Such riddles are still in vogue today and serve to test the mind of the people. The only difference is that now instead of being published in newspapers or magazines, they remain in the world of internet.

Solving the challenges of optical illusion photographs is not easy. This time such a picture has been presented in which you will have to prove your intelligence by finding five differences. You will have only 10 seconds to find the five differences. So get busy solving the puzzle. The picture is of a child standing near the balloon.

Find 5 differences in two identical pictures
In two similar looking pictures in which you have to find five differences, you will first see a child who is standing with both hands raised. There are also two balloons close at hand. There is also an animal like toy and there is a bulb next to it. All these things are also present in the second picture. Finding five differences in exactly the same looking picture is not that easy, but it is not impossible for the sharp minded. So if there is pride in your own mind. So quickly solve the difference puzzle.

Only the sharp minded will be able to solve the illusionary challenge quickly.

The challenge is not impossible for the sharp minded
If you have given up on your part, then let us quickly help you find the difference. The biggest difference is the bulb seen in both the pictures. The bulb in one picture is extinguished, while the other is lit. Another difference is the white stripes on the T-shirt on the left hand of the boy. Several white stripes have been made on the left arm of a t-shirt while the stripes are missing from the other hand. The third difference is the palm of the child’s right hand which is straight in one picture and upside down in the other picture. The fourth difference is the crescent shaped design on the front of the child’s dress, which is made with yellow dots. In one picture she is upright while in the other she is upside down. The last difference in the picture is the ball kept near the animal, the color of which is different in both the pictures.

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