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If you are planning to buy an electric car, then be ready to fight with these 5 problems.

Photo: CANVA Keep these things in mind before buying an Electric Car

Electric Car: Looking at Auto Expo 2023, it becomes easy to understand that the coming time is going to be of electric vehicles only. Zero pollution, less noise and freedom from rising petrol prices, at a glance, electric vehicles have only merits. But not only this, some such problems can also come in electric vehicles, which may remind of petrol or diesel cars when they come. If you are also planning to buy an electric car, then be ready to fight with these 5 problems.

range limit

The biggest problem with buying an electric vehicle is that its range is limited. These days some electric vehicle is claiming a range of 300 km, some 350 and some 400. This range is great for city driving. But people who use their car to commute from one city to another may have a problem with this limited range. In fact, the electric car is so new to us right now that even remembering to charge it everyday is a difficult task.

However, if your car promises a range of 400 kms, then try not to travel more than 350 kms at a time because 400 kms is the maximum range, on the actual road this range may be slightly less.

waiting for charge

When you go to a petrol pump when the fuel tank of a normal car is empty, you get fuel filled within 30 to 40 minutes even when there is a lot of crowd. On going regularly, this time is hardly 10 to 15. But charging an electric car with a normal AC charger can take a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 19 hours.
The only way to avoid this is to keep charging your car a little at home every day. Although there is also a fast charger facility to charge the car, but cannot use it at home.

Fast charger is not easy to find

Electric vehicles have just started in India, so pad fast charging points are also not installed much yet. Dependence on a charging plant for fast DC charging is also a compulsion for electric vehicles because the permission to set up these fast charging points in domestic colonies has not yet been received.

battery is very expensive

Electric cars are low maintenance. Their servicing also costs very minimal but their battery life is limited. If the vehicle is used a lot then the battery may get weak in 3 to 5 years and the car battery is very expensive. That’s why it is better that you buy an electric car in which the car company takes a warranty of battery life for at least 5 years. However, now such cars are also coming which take warranty of battery life for 8 years.

the price is also high

The cost of an electric 5 seater car is higher as compared to a normal 5 seater car. This difference goes up to several lakhs. Although this difference seems more only in the beginning, in the long run, the cost per kilometer of an electric car is not even 20% as compared to a fuel car.

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