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If you are diabetic, do not eat these foods for breakfast, they spike blood sugar rapidly.


Diabetic patient should not eat high carbs in breakfast.
Diabetics must drink at least two glasses of water after breakfast.

Diabetes Patients Never Eat These Things: Diabetes is a very dangerous disease because if it happens once, it stays with the patient for life. Diabetes is a disease related to our lifestyle and it is incurable. We can control it to some extent by simply changing our lifestyle. Negligence in food can increase the problems of a diabetes patient many times, so patients suffering from it have to spend every day with the rules. Diabetes patients also need to pay special attention to their breakfast.

While preparing his breakfast, the patient of diabetes should keep in mind that the breakfast should be such that the stomach feels full for a long time and hunger is reduced. With this type of breakfast it becomes very easy to control blood sugar. There are some foods that a diabetic patient needs to completely ignore, because these foods increase the sugar level rapidly. Diabetes patients should take special care of these things in breakfast.

  • A patient suffering from diabetes should not even take juice in the morning breakfast. Juice taken in the morning increases the sugar level rapidly. Fruit juice is very harmful for diabetic patients as the sugar present in it immediately converts into fructose and the sugar level becomes high.

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  • A patient suffering from diabetes should avoid taking plenty of roughage and protein in his breakfast. Do consult your health expert about this because even some healthy foods spike the blood sugar level.

  • High carbs should never be taken in the morning breakfast, even if it is wheat porridge. Glycemic index is high in foods with high carbs. Diabetics should also eat less wheat bread.

  • Diabetics should avoid taking tea or coffee for breakfast in the morning. Diabetes sufferers must drink 2 glasses of water after having breakfast. Sugar level also increases rapidly due to lack of water in the body. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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