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If you are also seeing these symptoms then stroke may come in future, know about them


The cases of stroke increase manifold in the winter season.
Smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity also promote stroke.

Brain Stroke Symptoms: Stroke is a type of neurological problem which we also know as brain attack. Due to the changed lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, there has been a rapid increase in the cases of brain stroke in the recent past. According to health experts, the problem of brain stroke usually occurs when clots start forming in the blood vessels in the brain or blood vessels burst due to obstruction of blood flow. Experts believe that if attention is not paid in time, then its cases may increase manifold in future.

According to a research, about 8 lakh people suffer from stroke every year in America and about 150 people per one lakh people suffer from it every year in India. Due to the flow of blood circulation in the brain, there is a huge damage to the tissues and cells. Express According to the news, different parts of the brain control different parts of the body and stopping the flow of blood affects these parts.

Stroke Type: There are generally three types of brain stroke-

– ischemic stroke
– intracerebral brain stroke
subarachnoid brain stroke
– mini stroke

stroke symptoms
The symptoms of stroke are not as painful as a heart attack, nor do they have any deep symptoms. But if not taken care of on time, then it can become a big problem for life. However, there are some symptoms that should be immediately consulted by a health expert.

Sudden numbness or sudden weakness of the face, hands or feet.
Having trouble speaking or having trouble understanding someone’s words.
– Absence of sudden difficulty in seeing in the eyes.
Difficulty in walking, difficulty in balancing.
Sudden severe headache.
Sudden dizziness.

stroke risk factors

Stress is one of the biggest risk factors for stroke.
Extreme cold increases the risk of brain stroke manifold.
Smoking, consumption of alcohol also causes brain stroke.
Diabetes, hypertension also promotes stroke.
Excess obesity also increases the problem of brain stroke.

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